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Traveling is one of the rewarding activities you have in your lifetime. Planning in advance is one of the best ways to save money on Delta Airlines reservation. Sometimes, you can’t just book flight in advance. If you have to book flights on urgent basis, whether for a spontaneous journey, short notice business trip, or family emergency, here’s what to do –


Flight Map:

Skyscanner and Google Flights are the best travel map tools to find cheap Delta flight. If your destination is set, use map to compare fares at nearest airports. It may be more affordable to fly into a location a few hours in advance and rent a car to get to your final stop.

If your destination is open with a beach, use the map to get the most economical location. Choose your home airport and dates and scan map for affordable flight. You can even see the potential destinations in Google Flights. You just have to pick your interests and travel dates.


Call Airlines:

Some airlines still offer grief fares to help take financial stress out of your last-moment travel for funeral. You need to call on Delta contact number and book your flight and start travel within 7 to 14 days. Provide the name of relative and phone number and name of funeral home or relative’s doctor.

For example, Alaska Airlines provides 10% off its actual fares for passengers who are traveling because of loss of an immediate family member. The same discount also applies to Virgin America. You can also get cheap Delta flight and Air Canada flight if you are travelling due to death in your family.


Book during odd hours:

Such flights may have vacant seats and they may also offer them at far lesser price as compared to midday flights. For example, a red-eye trip was around $130 cheaper than other flights from Washington, D.C. to San Diego.


Reward Programs may help:

If you are unable to skip the trip or can’t get affordable fare, redeem airline miles or credit card reward points to lower the airfares of Delta flight today. Calculate the value of rewards for a specific flight with this formula –

Price of ticket – fees and taxes/cost of rewards

Multiply the same by 100 to figure out the value of your rewards.

For example, if a flight costs $250 in total along with $20 as fees and taxes or 0.92 cents per mile for 25000 miles. It is below the average value of miles and rewards from different programs.

If the same flight runs 25000 miles or costs $500 (along with $20 as fees and taxes), it would cost 1.92 cents per mile. It is the best way to redeem your miles if it exceeds value of reward programs.


Go to Airline websites:

Sometimes you can find great deals on price-comparison sites. But you sometimes need to go directly to the source. It takes a lot of effort but it could be worth to find best deal. Simply follow the official accounts of airlines on social media to find latest deals. Check out websites of airlines at around 3pm EST on Tuesdays when they open cheap flights to match prices of their competitors. Also call the airline for Delta Flight Check-in at last minute if you are in luck.

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