Aegean Airlines is Greece’s biggest aircraft bearer by armada size, a number of goals and travelers conveyed. It is additionally part of the Star Alliance, the world greatest aircraft transporter collusion, asking with June 2010. Aegean Airlines presently has a rundown of 82 goals, both residential and worldwide, including the 15 goals provided by the backup Olympic Air.



Aegean Airlines was established in 1987 as Aegean Aviation which was exclusively a VIP sanction activity and air emergency vehicle administrations. It worked like this until May 1999 when it moved to traveler benefits and was given the name it holds these days. Throughout the years Aegean Airlines entered in various centers with carriers like Cronus Airlines, Lufthansa, TAP Portugal and numerous others.

One of the enormous strides in the life of Aegean Airlines was the merger with Olympic air which was deferred by the European Commission from 2010 until the finish of 2013 dependent on worries this new organization will have an imposing business model of over 90% on the flights from Athens. It was endorsed in late 2013 and propelled that because of emergency Olympic Air would leave the business, at any rate, leaving Aegean the main transporter.



These days Aegean Airlines has an armada made distinctly out of Airbus bearers, anyway until it arrived it experienced two key changes. The first was to dump all turboprop planes and the second was to put in a huge request of Airbus planes. The present armada is made out of 35 planes, 28 of which are Airbus A320-200, 6 Airbus A321-200 and one Airbus A319-100. The organization is as yet anticipating the fruition of 9 additional airships.



Aegean Airlines has been the victor of innumerable honours and industry acknowledgement. Not including littler honours and nearby air terminal honours, Aegean has won two significant honours in numerous years:

• ERA Airline of the Year Award: Bronze (2000/2001), Silver (2005/2006, 2006/2007), Gold (2004/2005, 2008/2009)

• Skytrax Best Regional Airline in Europe – 2009 and sequentially from 2011 to 2014.


Courses and goals

Aegean aircraft is dynamic in 82 goals in Europe, Africa and Asia out of which 20 are residential. Starting at 2014 the rundown is because of increment to 134 goals more than 42 nations, the household goal rundown expanding to 32. Other than these individual flights Aegean has entered a few codeshare concurrences with different transporters. Aegean Airlines additionally obliges contracted flights, particularly in the late spring season by partner itself with vacationer administrators, just for touristic zones in Greece.