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I just sat on my laptop and booked Aeromexico cheap flights to Toronto with the help of Aeromexico Airlines Helpline. I availed best airline deals and cheap flights through this venture. My excitement could not hide and I was thrilled by the prospect of travelling alone to Canada.

I arrive at the airport way in advance. This gave me time to roam around and explore the airport. Aeromexico was right on time, and the boarding took just a matter of minutes. We all were welcome at the plane with warm and friendly faces.

The flight was for about five hours. As soon as I heard the announcement that we were going to land in Toronto, I fasten my seat belt and looked out the window. I felt like a child all over again!

Aeromexico cheap flights

I had four days in my hand and I was planning to make the most of my trip. I made a list of places to visit in Toronto and made sure to follow every bit of it

CN Tower

This is Toronto’s most iconic landmark.  This is a very high building mainly 553.3 high. It was built on the former Railway Lands and was finally completed om 1976. The name CN mainly caters to the Canadian National – the very railway company that built the tower. This is one of the main tourist attractions that I promise myself to visit. It quite a delightful visit and a rather memorable one!

Aeromexico Cheap Flights

Museum of Illusions

This museum to be a contemporary take on the old fairground funhouse. An area that was open in 2018. The museum seems to be more like an art gallery than a carnival attraction. As per my experience, the museum quite small and one within a matter of an hour. Even though the time is short the entertainment is worth every penny!

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada Aeromexico cheap flights

This aquarium just breathtaking and could not match to any other aquarium… Here I witness many tiger sharks, eels, jellyfish and other variety of marine life. This aquarium is the best tourist spot and many people come here to take a look at the different variety of fish and sea creatures. I am so fascinating that it took me many hours to finally be done with the place. My best experience ever!

Food and culture in Toronto!

Alo Restaurant The menu is just out of the world and the beverages to relish. This place has a bronze bar and when one enters they feel like they are in London or even New York ! However, dining here is a high-end experience and would entail one to splurge. A beautiful place with an even more beautiful menu!

Aeromexico Cheap Flights

Aeromexico cheap flights

This is an Eastern Mediterranean restaurant that is out of the world and contemporary. The dish is family-style and makes one feel like home. I order the dish that recommends – the grilled branzino with chermoula. The ambience is cosy and is very suitable for couples wanting to dine out. I went there with a couple of local friends I made. The experience was a beautiful one!

Goodbye Toronto!                                                                 

Thanks to Aeromexico Airline Helpline I was able to book Aeromexico cheap flights and my journey to Toronto was remarkable! The experience was a memorable one, and if anyone out there wish to fly within a budget then just call Airline Helpline and find best deals!

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