Air France Helpline


There is no denying that we all have the dire need to travel the globe and explore new adventures. Why should travel be only for the rich or people who can easily afford it? Thus, this is where Air France Airline Helpline comes to the picture. We allow people to avail of cheap airline tickets and undergo a budgeted journey. Thus, all one has to do is call Air France Airline Helpline at +1-877-391-6188.


Various Seats and Classes at Air France


Economy Class


So, you’ve availed your cheap airline tickets and are now looking to book the Economy Class. This is the most basic airfare. Thus, allowing one to travel cheap and within a budget


Premium Economy


This is a better class than the basic economy as it’s flexible and the fare is higher. So, if you want to travel within a budget with some comfort then Premium Economy is the class.


Business Class


This is a highly luxurious class where one is given many amenities and the seats can transform into a flat-bed.


First Class


This, as we all know, is the most comfortable and expensive class available on the flight. Here one would get the comfort of a personal suite and you’ll be served delicious food and beverages.


Amenities at Air France


So, book your cheap airline tickets with Air France Airline Helpline and enjoy the many amenities. From the warm and welcoming cabin crew to the delicious food and beverages and to the many movies, television programs, games and also many things for your kids. So your journey with Air France can never be boring and mundane. Here one can also enjoy free WiFi.


Things to Keep in Mind Before Boarding the Flight


Hence, you’ve booked your cheap airline tickets and are now seeking help as to what to keep in mind before boarding your flight


Baggage Policy


Carry on baggage


If one is travelling with an infant then they can carry 1 additional small baggage item.


Weight –  less than 12 kg


Dimension – 55cm x 25cm x 35cm (21.6″ x 9.8″ x 13.7″).


Checked – baggage Allowance


Items should not exceed 23 kg


Dimension should not be more than – 158 cm (length + width + height).


To know more about the fee structure contact Air France Airline Helpline


Flight Cancellations


Thus, one has availed the cheap airline tickets and are now looking to ways of canceling it due to some instances. In such a case one can call us at Air France Airline Helpline and we will help to cancel the ticket. However, even though it is an easy process one needs to pay $200 plus the fare difference on domestic travel and a fee of $300 plus fare difference on international travel.


Web Check-in Process


Today one doesn’t necessarily have to stand in long lines and they can easily check-in with the aid of the internet. However, there are certain requirements before one does online check-in


  • You must check-in within 30 minutes-30 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.
  • One cannot check –In online if traveling with a baby
  • You cannot check-in online if your departure city is one of the following: Alicante, Bern, Damascus, Genoa Ljubljana, Hanoi, Luxembourg, Malte, Palma, Seoul, Seville, Verona, Vigo, Helsinki.
  • Also, one cannot check-in online if they are a special needs passenger


Infant Policy


One should also keep in mind the infant policy after availing cheap airline tickets. A passenger can carry an infant with them on their lap and thus a seat does not need to be purchased. However, if the same passenger is traveling with more than one infant then a seat will have to be bought for the second child. The airline should be informed in advance that you are traveling with an infant.


If one is traveling internationally with an infant then they will have to pay 10%of the adult fare plus taxes.


Pet Policy of Air France

You’ve booked your cheap airline tickets and now need to gather knowledge about the pet policy of Air France. Pets can travel in the passenger cabin or checked-in as baggage. For your pet to travel in the passenger cabin certain requirements need to be met


  • Only domesticated cats and dogs are allowed
  • The pet along with the container should weight less than 6 kg
  • Also, the animal should be at least 8 weeks old
  • The pet should be comfortable in the kennel throughout


To take pet as checked-in baggage


  • The dogs and cats should weight more than 8 kg and less than 75 kg
  • Only domesticated dogs and cats are allowed
  • The pet should be at least 15 weeks old and be vaccinated
  • The kennel should meet all requirements
  • The pet should also have all the necessary health documents as required by the destination


Other issues resolved by Air France Airline Helpline


Apart from just providing cheap airline tickets and best airline deals, Air France also solves other issues which make travel simple.


  • One can select their seat and also get aid in flight cancellations
  • They also provide one information on flight delay and other changes in the schedule
  • Other issues are also solved These concerns infant policy, minor policy, pet policy and more.


Fly with Air France Airline Helpline


Thus, wait no longer and book your cheap airline tickets with Air France Airline Helpline. They are a platform that not only helps to book economical deals but also aid in making changes of all forms like – flight cancellations, seat up-gradation and resolves issues concerning pet policy, infant policy, minor policy and more. So, just call us at +1-877-391-6188 and make your travel dreams come true!