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Read about Alitalia Airline

We At Alitalia Airline Helpline provide economical and affordable deals with Alitalia Airways.  A highly credible and passenger-friendly airway, it has manage to win many hearts of its passengers. It flies to over 100 destinations across Europe,  Asia, The Middle East, Africa, North America, and South America. Alitalia Airline is suitable for all types of passengers and caters to everyone’s needs.

Reasons why one should choose to fly with Alitalia Airline

Alitalia Airline Helpline promises on best and affordable deals with Alitalia Airways. “ This was my first time on Alitalia. I was hesitant at first, but then the service and their friendly nature won me over” The airline is very entertaining and one doesn’t realize how quickly the time flies by!  Alitalia takes care of all their passengers and are known to be extremely punctual and always on time

The easy and simple web check-in process at Alitalia Airline Helpline

Alitalia Airlines is known for its simple web check-in processAll one needs is a good internet connection. Who said anything about standing in long lines?

Today, one can easily print their tickets and choose their seats with the help of the internet. You can be at your home, office or even a café! The check-in can take place 20 hours beforehand the departure

Fun Fact –  The staff at Alitalia are professional and accommodating. You can Change flight anytime with Airline Helpline.

Decide how much to carry in your luggage and learn the baggage policy through Alitalia Airline Helpline 

Alitalia Airline Helpline aims to make its customers lives simpler. Do read below the crucial baggage policy of Alitalia Airlines and decide what and what not to pack! Important – in case one carries excess baggage then a fee will have to be paid

Carry –on luggage

A passenger is allow to carry with them one bag and one personal item. The maximum dimension of the carry on luggage should be18in x 14in x 10in/45cm x 35cm x 25cm (length x width x height).  The maximum weight should not exceed – 11 lb/5 kg

Checked Baggage

Passengers traveling to/from the US, Canada or Mexico: They can carry two bags, the maximum dimension should not exceed: 62 linear inches/157 cm (length + width + height). Those traveling by Business Class can carry a weight of 70 lb/32 kg per bag, and those by Economy Class can carry 50 lb/23 kg per bag

Passengers traveling  to/from Brazil: Passengers are allow to carry only two bags, the maximum dimension should not exceed: 62 linear inches/157 cm (length + width + height), and the maximum weight: 70 lb/32 kg per bag

Passengers traveling to/ from all other international destinations: In such cases, the maximum weight a business class passenger can carry is: 66 lb/30 kg and the maximum weight an Economy Class passenger can carry should be: 44 lb/20 kg

alitalia airline helpline


Seats and classes at Alitalia Airlines

To make it easier for Alitalia Airline Helpline to help one decide their seats, we are going to elaborate on the seats and classes available at Alitalia Airlines

Economy Class – The fare is comparatively cheaper here, and one can avail standard seats and have a comfortable journey

Premium Economy – The tickets are comparatively more flexible and allow for changes to happen. They are a little more expensive but have more amenities than the Economy Class.

Business Class – The seats can turn into recliners, and makes the passengers journey highly comfortable and enthuse with luxury

Fun Fact – if your feet swell up easily, then try taking the exit seat. It helps to stretch better and helps one’s feet from swelling up.

alitalia airline helpline

Infant policy of Alitalia Airlines

The infant policy at Alitalia Airlines is important to consider.  If an 18-year-old or above is traveling with an infant (below 2 years of age ) then a ticket does not need to be purchase for the child. The infant can sit on the guardian’s lap.

However, if one is traveling with more than one infant (below 2 years of age) then a seat will have to be purchased for the second child.

In case of traveling with an infant domestically – can be done for free. However, if traveling with the infant to an international destination then the child (below 2 years) will be charged 10% of an adult fare plus taxes

Fun Fact – the bathrooms are very clean, and one doesn’t come across long ques.

Pet policy of Alitalia Airlines

If one wants to travel with their pet then they should know about the pet policy of Alitalia Airlines. The pet can either be put in the passenger cabin or be check-in as baggage. If you want to carry the pet in the passenger cabin then certain terms need to be adhered to: the pet should  domesticate and show no signs of aggression,  all the required health documents should be carried and the kennel should meet the requirements

The pet can also be check-in as baggage: in such situations, the pet should remain comfortably in the kennel throughout the flight and all the required health documents should be carried.

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