‘Basic Economy’ passengers cheer up as American Airlines allow free Carry-On bags

American airlines are nowadays being lenient about one thing for their passengers and that is taking a carry-on bag on the flight at no extra charge. Now, American Airline is setting its passengers off of this restriction.

Till now the passenger could get only a small item which they were to be sure would fit under the seat in front them. If it would not then that would be considered as carry-on luggage and would be payable to the airline at a charge of $50 for each bag.

Often the overhead bins are already full and the basic economy passengers are not able to take their carry-on bags as they are the last ones to board. Also many times they have not been aware of the earlier policy of charging for a standard carry-on bag and have been caught with surprise when asked for a fee.

This free carry on baggage policy puts American back on the radar with its competitors. For e.g. Delta has from the past itself allowed carry-on bags to its passengers without charging for it.

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