Austrian Airlines is the flagship company of Austria’s flag carrier and Lufthansa Group. The airline’s headquarters are located on the Vienna International Airport, where it also maintains its own hub. It flies 6 domestic and more than 120 international year-round and seasonal destinations in 55 countries by July 2016

Austrian Airlines Facility

Comfortable seats, better food, power outlets and more! Learn about the service offered by New Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class on long-haul flights.
The numerous facilities of the new travel class of Austrian Airlines are exciting and even more exciting. You can enjoy countless offers when flying in the advance economy class.

You can do Flight Reservation with Austrian  Airline Helpline Number easily.

Austrian Airline Helpline Number also provides information about Airlines Cancellation facility,Airline flight status,flight tracker,flight upgrade,flight refund,seat availability. You can also track Austrian airline flight schedules.

austrian airlines helpline

The Centerpiece – The Comfortable Seat

The centerpiece of the new premium economy class is the seat of the comfortable seat along with broad infant seats and generous space. Yes, it is very comfortable, you also got the opportunity to seat assignment with Austrian Airline Helpline Number. Walking allows you to relax.
You will find a central armrest in the middle and a large fold-out table and a cocktail table 12 “screen, which invites you to enjoy the entertainment program, and the backrest can be left much back then the economy and yes sleep Works well and. Austrian airlines also give concessions for physical handicaps.

Technical Support with Austrian Airline Helpline Number

Nowadays, we all have technical requirements, we need to charge different gadgets, and for the good news. If you want to cancel your ticket, it is very easy to Flight cancellation with Austrian Airline Helpline Number.  There is a need for various plug-ins, everything can be desired can be found in the new premium economy class of Austrian Airlines. Not only does the seat provide additional workspace for those who require an extra plug and a USB port, which will make you comfortable It will be easy to charge and charge whatever you need. You also get a wheelchair for physical handicaps in Austrian Airlines.

An Extra Piece Of Free Check-In-Luggage

Planning a long journey can be challenging in terms of packaging your baggage, everything needed for a journey lasts for 2 weeks or more. One-piece and 23kg are somehow a challenge in any way if you book your seat in the Premium Economy Class from now. You can take a second 23 kg free stuff with you.
Enjoy packing without pressure. More important for some of us enjoy shopping on your trip. There is no need to worry about the boundaries in your flight. You can also call Austrian Airline Helpline Number (833-4306398) to get more information about baggage fees.