Azerbaijan Airlines (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Hava Yolları), otherwise called AZAL, is the banner bearer and biggest carrier of the nation of Azerbaijan. Situated in Baku, neighboring Heydar Aliyev International Airport, the transporter works to goals crosswise over Asia, the CIS, Europe and the USA. Azerbaijan Airlines is an individual from the International Air Transport Association. The carrier was established on 7 April 1992 as the main national aircraft set up after the nation picked up its freedom.


History Of Azerbaijan Hava Yollary

In 1990, Azerbaijan reported that it was setting up its very own carrier, and that it would be free of Aeroflot, the long-lasting supplier of air administrations for the Soviet republics. Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) was formally settled on 17 August 1992. Its first president was Vagif Sadykhly.

Shaped from the territorial part of Aeroflot, Azerbaijan Airlines, otherwise called Azerbaijan Hava Yollari, before long spread its wings into the world outside the Soviet Union, which had been Aeroflot’s elite area. A planned Baku-Istanbul course was propelled in January 1991 in organization with Turkish Airlines, and the payload endeavor Aviasharg was made in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates. AZAL acquired a tremendous armada from Aeroflot, including in excess of 20 Soviet-made Tupolev carriers, some local carriers and vessels, 90 light flying machine, and 50 helicopters. It rushed to rent a couple of Boeing 727s, in any case, that once had a place with PanAm (and were worked in 1968). AZAL had a broad association with Aviation Leasing Group (ALG), the U.S.- based lessor of these Boeing 727s. It had a transoceanic contract load joint endeavor with ALG’s Buffalo Airways, which was likewise preparing AZAL aircrews to Western measures in Dallas, Texas.

In November 1994, AZAL started a course to Dubai, which, alongside Istanbul, was a key wellspring of Western products. It was soon likewise traveling to Tehran, Tel Aviv, Saint Petersburg, London, and China. Administration to a few provincial goals was suspended in mid-1998, because of low edges and the need to fix three Yak-40 flying machine. Except for a couple of significant urban areas, administration to neighboring CIS nations was suspended in January 1999, because of obligation. These courses were commonly unfruitful also, and were confronting new challenge from trains. As per the Trend News Agency, household flights represented uniquely around 16 percent of AZAL’s traffic in 1998.