Airline Helpline is a young and experimental venture. Why is it becoming so popular in such less time? Well, firstly Airline Helpline aids in making travel cheap and economical by providing cheap airline tickets and cheap airline deals. Apart from just making travel economical it also aids in making travel simple and hassle-free. This is due to the fact that one can make several changes with the aid of Airline Helpline

Thus, Azul Airline is highly esteemed and is  Brazil’s largest international airline. This airline covers more than a hundred destinations. It’s a very comfortable airline and most passengers only have good things to say about Azul. 

Thus, one can call Airline Helpline on the above number and get cheap airline deals and discounted offers. As mentioned earlier one can also make changes through this platform. These include flight cancellations, seat up-gradation and much more. 

Important Aspects to Keep in Mind Before Flying with Azul Airlines

Flight Cancellations and Refund

Also, this is a very common scenario. After one has booked their cheap airline tickets, there may come a point when there is a need to cancel them due to certain circumstances. Thus, one can approach Airline Helpline, and our platform will guide one through the process. However, one will have to pay a cancellation fee of $200 plus fare difference for domestic travel and a fare of $300 plus fare difference for international travel. 

One may get an entire refund if the ticket is cancelled within 24 hours of booking (T &C apply). Most of the refund depends mainly on the ticket type!

Web check-in Policy

Today, one doesn’t need to stand in long lines. Check-in can happen with the aid of the internet. Thus, one can check-in within the Brazil flight starting 72 hours and ending 90 minutes before the flight departs. You can use the online option if 

  • If the passenger has an electronic ticket
  • Thus, one can access their reservation with the confirmation code, e-ticket number
  • You should not be a special needs passenger

Apart from web check-in one can also opt for mobile check-in, self-service kiosk check-in at the airport, and ticket counter check-in

Infant Policy

As far as the infant policy is concerned – a passenger can carry with them an infant (below two years of age) on their lap. However, the airline should be informed in advance. Also, a passenger is allowed to travel with only one infant on the lap. If the same passenger is travelling with two infants, then a seat will have to be purchased for the second child. 

Minor Policy

Children aged between five and eleven years can travel unaccompanied on domestic Azul flights. However there is no possibility that children between zero to five years can travel unaccompanied. Thus, to know more about the unaccompanied minor policy – Reach out to Azul Airlines Airline Helpline

The fee for an unaccompanied minor traveling on Azul is R$110/US$50 per minor.

Pet Policy

The pet policy allows for domesticated dogs and cats in the passenger cabin. However, Azul does not take pets on international flights. To carry pets in the passenger cabin, certain requirements should be met –

  • There should be only domesticated cats and dogs
  • The pet should be comfortable in the kennel
  • Also, the kennel should meet all requirements
  • The pet should also have all the necessary health documents needed by the destination

Bagggae Policy

Carry on Baggage Policy

  • Carry-on baggage is limited to one item
  • Thus, weight limit is 10 kg
  • Also, size limit is 155 cm/61 in (sum of the width, height, and depth)

Excess Baggage Fee

  • Within Brazil, the fee for each additional bag is R$ 12 to R$ 30 depending on route
  • Flights to the USA the following fees will be charged:
    • 1 extra bag – US$ 95.00
    • 2 extra bags – US$ 190.00
    • 3 extra bags – US$ 285.00
    • Additional per bag – USD$ 150.00

Seats and Classes at Azul’s Airlines

Economy Class – This is the basic fare class which may not provide many amenities, however, it’s comfortable.

Business Class – Thus, if one is willing to splurge then Business Class is apt for a person. This way one can travel in luxury and style!

Solve All Travel Related Issues With Azul Airlines Airline Helpline

Hence, one can reach our platform to not only purchase cheap airline tickets but also to make several travel related changes like flight cancellations, seat up-gradation, flight status and much more! We can be easily reached at 1-877-391-6188