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Book Flight Tickets with Delta Airline Helpline aids in providing cheap flight deals and best offers. Thus, if one is looking to fly with Delta Airlines then do contact this platform. Nevertheless,  Delta Airlines is one of the esteemed ones that are existent today. Apart from being popular with the masses, it considers as one of the luxurious flight that provides one with discounted deals

Thus, apart from concentrating on cheap flights and cheap flight offers, one would want to shed light on some fun facts about Delta Airlines!

It Provides Transatlantic Entertainment

Thus, if one is heading towards states they don’t have to worry about the long duration of the flight. Delta provides all form of services. Hence, if one wants their beauty sleep – then can do so with the complimentary sleeping kit that is provided. Also, one can keep themselves entertained by watching the latest movies, TV shows, and trendy music! Snacks and meals are also on the house and most Delta Flights give beer, wine, spirits and other beverages for free. Thus, who said finding cheap flight deals was the only good thing?!

Delta Airlines Has a Museum Cheap Flight Deals 

Thus, one will be astounded to find that Delta Airlines has a museum to itself! Most people who love to travel have paid a visit to this museum placed at Delta’s Atlanta Headquarters. It was inaugurated in 1995, and it allows visitors to discover and explore the history of Delta. Thus, if one is at the Atlanta Airport, they should definitely check it out!

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Delta Is The Airline of Many Firsts

Apart from availing cheap flight deals with Delta, one should know that it is the airline of many firsts.

  • They were the first to move from film to video flight inflight entertainment
  • Of course, It was in 1992 that they became the first US airline to use moving maps in the cabin
  • It was in 1993 that they became the first airline with web-based access to real-time flight information
  • They were the first to ban smoking on all flights in 1995
  • Delta also reached a milestone in 1997, as they became the first airline to board more than 100 million passengers in a year
  • Thus, In 2007 they started an onboard recycling program
  • 2011 was the year when they allowed customers to track their check bags
  • Many people loved the year 2014, as it is then that Delta introduced flatbed seats and aisle access in Business Elite Flight

One Has to Visit The Delta Sky Club

Also, the Delta Sky Club creates a home away from home for all the travellers! Also, here one will come across many perks.  They aid one in getting to their boarding gates on time, they provide complimentary Wifi and satellite TV. The bathrooms allow one to freshen up with a variety of shampoo, towels and hair driers. Thus, while travelling with Delta one can not only avail cheap flights but also delve and bathe in luxury at the Delta Sky Club.

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Delta Has Its Own Low –Cost Carrier

It was in the mid-2000s that Delta created a low-cost carrier called the Song Airlines. Thus, this airline mainly meant for families and fly between New York and Florida on Boeing 757-200s

Thus, on the plane, one would find a television that would showcase feature movies, music, and games! The flight also served snacks. These airlines painting green and white to distinguish themselves from Delta’s red, white and blue colour aeroplanes. However, this airline  shit down in 2006 after three years of flying

Thus, Book Cheap Flight Deals with Delta Airlines

Hence, if on inspire to travel the world with Delta then they can approach Book Flight Tickets with Delta Airline Flight and get cheap flight deals, best airline deals free grammar checker and travel within a budget. We aim to make travel easy, simple, memorable and everlasting. Do remember to click pictures and smile in each one of them.



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