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Can’t wait to hit ‘Book Flight’ button? Not now! Consider this checklist and ditch the mistakes you can do when booking your flight. You can avoid some of the biggest troubles in your trip if you know what to do.

At the Airport

It seems no brainer but people often fly into wrong airport. In a city which has multiple airports, it is more common. Same airport code or name may also confuse you and you end up in wrong destination.

There is nothing more inconvenient than getting your city wrong. Most travelers fall for the deals to the cheapest airport of the destination, without realizing how far away they will land from the city. So, it is better to use Google Maps and check the location of biggest airports of your destination. This way, you will get the best of location and price.

Getting to hotel

If you don’t plan in advance, you could end up paying a lot when going to your hotel from airport. Larger cities may have buses or trains at airports. But smaller cities might just have cabs that you should book in advance or they could cost more on last moment booking.

Even worse, you may end up sharing ride in your destination without checking. So, it is better to check for ground transport options at the airport website or do “Direction Search” from airport at Google Maps.

Travel Insurance

It is the most overlooked yet important part of air travel. During some seasons and in some destinations, it is worth clicking “Add Booking Insurance” option at the time of checkout.  It is worth to spend additional $20 or so during snowier months and monsoon/hurricane seasons. In unfortunate cases your flight is cancelled, you can rebook your flight.

Keep in mind the risks in your flight and whether you would lose out on booking or not in case of emergency, before booking your flight. Consider the things like hurricane and monsoon months, political issues like visa conflicts or labor strikes, and personal or health problems.

Direct or Nonstop flight

Double check your timing. Direct flight doesn’t mean traveling non-stop or touching down at any other airport. If you have non-stop flight available, there is no point adding extra hours to flight time.

If flight is mentioned as ‘direct’, check the number of hours you will be traveling to reach your destination and compare the same to standard time of flight with Google search.


Do you know what the requirements of passport are for your desired destination? In many countries, passport should be valid for 6 months or more from the date of leaving. Even if you have active passport, there are still chances that authorities could deny it during immigration.

Be sure passport can be updated and will be valid for your trip. Be sure to check passport formalities in your destination through the online resources related to country.


If you are flexible with timing, chances are great to get best deals on flights and seeing additional city on stopover, if you have time. If you are not adding lengthy time to and from city, you will just sit at the gate for 8 to 10 hours. Find out if it includes “+1” or “+2” annotation in flight time, which means it is for the next day or 2 days later.


Be sure layover hours match your schedule and you should book only a stopover if you have time to leave airport. Or stick to destinations with proper transport facility.

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