Cyprus Airways an active airline based at the Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus.

The company’s long term goal is to contribute to increasing tourism in Cyprus, while also broadening the horizon for local travellers.



Founded in 1947, Cyprus Airways was the flag carrier of Cyprus and operated from its main base at Larnaca International Airport. This was until the airline declared itself bankrupt in 2015.

In 2016, a new Cypriot airline, Charlie Airlines, bought the rights to use the trademark ‘Cyprus Airlines’ and now offers services under the Cyprus Airways name and brand.

While the new Cyprus Airways continues to offer international flights, many of the destinations it flies to have changed. The airline used to fly to many European destinations, including Amsterdam, Athens, Beirut, Frankfurt, Heraklion, Larnaca, London, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Rhodes Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki and Zurich. Other airlines that still serve these destinations are Cobalt Aero and Aegean Airlines. For a list of current destinations, see below.


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Cyprus Airways Baggage


Carry-on Baggage

Passengers on Cyprus Airways flights are allowed to bring one item of carry-on baggage per person which can’t weigh more than 10kg in weight and can’t be larger than 55 x 40 x 20 cm.


Checked Baggage

Passengers on Cyprus Airways flight are allowed one item of checked baggage per person which can’t weigh more than 23kg in weight and must fit within the overall dimensions of 203 cm (L X W X H)


Cyprus Airways Check-In

Online Check-In Passengers can check-in for their Cyprus Airways flight on the Cyprus Airways online check-in page. From here, passengers must enter their surname and booking ID or eTicket number. Cyprus Airways web check-