Airline Newschecked bag fee

From September 19, 2018, Delta has increased its first checked bag fee to $30, which is joining Jet Blue and United Airlines.

According to the Delta’s official website, it has hiked the first checked bag charge to $30 (up from $25), and second checked bag for $40 (up from $35). Knowing this, the other competitor airways are planning to match the levels and hike the charges. Southwest allows first two checked bags for free, and airline said that there is no plan to make changes in that.

This trend has started when Jet Blue became the first U.S. airways to charge $30 for the first checked bag fee in late August. After this, United joined the competition a week later. Following this, West Jet and Air Canada joined the hiked baggage fees parade in August.

Separating the cost of various services such as baggage check, free Wi-Fi, meals, security check, early boarding and seat assignments have come in practice when airlines realized the need of gaining extra revenue to deal with the crude oil prices when hiked to the sky that had hit $132 a barrel in the summer of 2008.

Unbundling the cost of different services has profited the Delta Airlines that collected nearly $908 in the baggage fees since 2017. And with the increasing checked bags fees, Delta is officially the second largest U.S. air carrier now.

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