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About Ethiopian Airlines

This airline was founded in 1945 and is government-owned. It is headquartered in Addis Ababa and operates from a hub at the city’s Bole International Airport (ADD). This particular airline flies to over 20 domestic destinations and more than 90 international ones. 

Flight Cancellation and Refund

Thus, one can simply call us at 1-877-391-6188 to cancel their flight. However one will have to pay a cancelation fee of $200 plus fare difference for domestic travel and a fee of $300 plus fare difference for international travel. 

Also, the refund mainly depends on the ticket type. If one cancels their ticket within 24 hours of booking, then they may get their entire refund ( T and C apply)

Web Check-in Policy

One can check-in online from 36 hours to 2 hours before the departure. Thus, with the aid of the internet one does not have to stand in long lines and the check-in can be done easily.

Infant Policy

A passenger can carry one infant on their lap. However, if the same passenger is traveling with more than one infant then a ticket will have to be purchased for the second child. Also, when the child turns two a full fare ticket will have to be purchased.

Minor Policy

Children between five and 11 who are traveling alone are said to be unaccompanied minors. It is compulsory for them to take on the minor service. Through this service, the child is assisted throughout their travels. From the point of departure to the point of arrival to the final destination. Also, children below five cannot travel alone at all. 

Also, to know more about the fee structure for this service one can contact Ethiopian Airline Airlines Helpline

Pet Policy

If there are passengers who are dependent on the dog, and he is adequately harnessed and muzzled, then the dog can be carried in the cabin without any charge. However, do inform the airline in advance.

Baggage Policy

Carry On Allowance

Thus, Business-class can carry up to 2 pieces, each with a maximum weight of 7 kg

Economy: 1 piece with a maximum weight of 7 kg and a maximum sum of dimensions equal to 118 cm (46 in.)

Checked Baggage Allowance

Also, Economy: up to 2 pieces, each with a maximum weight of 23 kg and a maximum sum of dimension equal to 158 cm (62 in.)

Therefore, Cloud Nine: up to 2 pieces, each with a maximum weight of 32 kg and a maximum sum of dimension equal to 158 cm (62 in.)

Various seats and classes at Ethiopian Airlines

Economy Class

This is the basic class with basic fares and comfort

Business Class

Hence, this is a luxurious class where the seats can recline and transform into flatbeds!

Airline Helpline | Best Customer Service Platform

Thus, if one wants to handle any situation related to travel then they can simply call us at 1-877-391-6188. We solve all queries and issues. Apart, from that one can also book cheap airline tickets and cheap airline deals here!