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Today I will share you My experience with Delta Airlines: Travel to New York  I’m certain that many would be able to relate to the idea of suddenly waking up one morning and feel like they deserve a holiday. Well, it doesn’t matter if you can empathize with me or not – but this is how my story and experience went by.

I was exhaust at work and after talking to a couple of my friends decide to fly with my friends down to New York from Germany. I’m an enthusiastic and a hard worker – so, it wasn’t very difficult to get a couple of days off.  My friends were happy that I  finally decide to take time out for myself. Now the only thing to decide apart from what to carry was – Which Airline should I travel by?

I straightway opened my laptop and start searching for cheap and economical flights. I realize that the process was going to be long and hectic. This is when my friend suggested to call Delta Airline Helpline and book cheap and economical tickets from there. I did as she suggests and I was the book in just a matter of minutes!

My flight was early the next morning. I was actually quite excited to travel by the economy class at Delta Airlines, as this was my first-time experience with Delta, and also because my friends just going on and on about how cool the flight is. “ I was quite happy with their punctuality, as we start to board right on time. We were the seat on the flight within a matter of minutes

Basic Economy Class of Delta Airlines

I was content to get the window seat at the basic economy class. “ As soon as I sat there, the cabin crew came to me and asked if I was comfortable and if I needed anything. I quite surprise by their efficient services”

Even though I had chosen to fly with the basic economy, I had a good cabin experience and bought some yummy snacks with non-alcoholic beverages. The food was delicious and I chose to try their fresh sandwiches. “ The sandwiches enthuse with delectable sauces and were very healthy. A wholesome experience with Delta Airlines for sure”.


I keep myself busy throughout the flight by watching some entertaining movies, listening to trendy music and was also temp to play some video games but I didn’t. “ I saw the entire Avengers: The end game and had no idea how the hours just went by”

The seats were very comfortable, and after watching a couple of movies. I stretch my feet, took out my warm jacket and slept through the latter half of the flight. “ I woke up with the announcement that we were about to reach New York. Stunned by their punctuality and friendly cabin crew behaviour, I knew I had to give Delta Airlines a five star!”

It was in just a matter of minutes before we land in New York. This was my first visit, and so far my trip better than expected – Thanks to Delta Airlines. As I step on New York’s ground I know there was something different about the vibe. I had reached the destination of artists, dreamers and people following an unconventional lifestyle!

Visit Statue Of Liberty, New York

I was in New York for about four days. In these four days, I manage to take a tour of the Central Park, see the statue of liberty, take a good look at the Empire State Building. I also met up with a couple of friends who introduced me to some eating and drinking joints like, Milan’s restaurant, El Malecon, Bagel’s at Murray’s, Craft Cocktails at Attaboy

experience with delta airlines

At the end of it, my trip to New York was wonderful and much needed. I had booked my return ticket with Delta Airlines itself and found myself back at home within four days, all energize and enthusiastic to go back to my working life.

Thank you Delta Airlines for making such a short notice trip happen, and providing me with cheap and economical airfare. If you’re the kinds who suddenly wakes up and decides to go somewhere call up.  My experience with Delta Airlines is awesome. Delta Airlines Helpline and find good airline fares with them.

“My four day trip to New York was wonderful, and thanks to Delta Airlines for making it happen”

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