Flight Name Change Request A name is everything to a person; after all, it’s his identity. But, how would you like if your name gets changed or misspelt on your plane ticket? You may not be allowed to enter the gate. If the name on your ticket is not correct as spelt in your passport, then make the flight name change request correction quickly or else you need to get the ticket changed immediately.

Many airlines can cost you some bucks to make corrections if you want to get the name change request process go quickly. If the airline has misspelt or changes your name on the ticket. We can help you with the corrections after we verify your identity. You can contact us via phone or chat.

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How to change your name on the flight for free?

Each airline has its own rules and terms and conditions. Some may charge you for the flight name change request process and some may not. If you want to change the name on the flight without paying any change flight, fees or charges, then do it within the 24 hours of your booking.

If the airline accepts your request to change or correct the details, then you have to let them in advance before checking into the flight. The name change process may charge you up to $100 depending with which airline you have to deal with. However, it is quite unlikely for any airline to allow you to transfer the ticket to someone else of the same name. Things to know before getting the airlines to correct the misspelt or changed name:

  • Gather everything that has your name correctly spelt like confirmation number, receipts, or any other document with your flight information in it.

  • Check if your ticket is non-refundable, as if not you may expect to pay around $100 to make the corrections.

  • Figure out precisely what changes you need to make like first name, or last name or middle name.

  • If you get married and want to make changes in your name, you can do it without any issue.

Is it possible to transfer a plane ticket to someone else’s name?

You may have read the warning line when you purchase the flight ticket: “Read the fine print”. You probably know that it is already difficult to get the misspelt name correct if your ticket has one mistake. Plus, the airlines make it more difficult to transfer the ticket to someone else’s name. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try.

Step 1:

Look for the words carefully non-refundable or restricted on your ticket as these words will tell you if you can transfer the ticket to someone else or you need to change your own ticket or need to book another one again.

Step 2:

 Go to the airline’s website and look for the information about the name change and transfer policy. In some airlines, you can transfer the ticket to someone else while in some you may cancel the misspelt ticket and book a new one.

Step 3:

Contact with the travel agent who issued your ticket to inquire about the transfer of the ticket. Provide every information about your situation to the agent so they can determine your options.

Step 4:

If you are not able to transfer the ticket, let the airline help you to change your name by paying specific change fees. And cancel your reservation and make a new one with the correctly spelt information.

Since airlines often change their policies, you should arm yourself with the updated knowledge about the airline’s policies to avoid future mishaps. Also to get an idea on how to approach the next step. We are here to help you anytime you need with your name change process. The real way to know what will happen to your ticket if the name is misspelt. Changed is to directly contact the airline or contact Airline Helpline +1 866-854-1804