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Now, American Airline is setting its passengers off of one restriction- paid carry-on baggage.

Until now, the passengers were only allowed to bring one personal item with them and the bags that didn’t fit under the front seat were checked at a gate with a charge of $50 each bag. The airline announced that the passengers are allowed to take a standard number of carry-on bag along with one personal item free of charge that fits under the seat in front of them.

Since, basic economy passengers are the last one to board that means there are pretty much chances that most of the overhead bin will be full. So, passengers don’t really expect to make it on-board with the carry-on bag that must be stuffed in an overhead bin.

Although, the passengers have been quite confused and angry earlier with the airline’s carry-on bag policy. Passengers are frequently caught unaware about the baggage allowance and end up standing surprised at the gate when an agent asks for a standard carry-on bag to pay a fee in order to check it in.

The main motive behind this free carry-on bag is designed to allow the airline to become more competitive and get it in the competition line. Delta Airlines already allow bringing a free carry-on bag to basic economy passengers.

Apart from free carry-on, the airline has modified some filters like in Google search that asks you if you want to bring a carry-on, if your answer is yes, then the American Airline flights show up with the lowest charge as compared to before because it adds $20 to your airfare already that allows you to bring carry-on without any baggage fee.

With the free carry-on policy, American leaves to be the last of big three U.S. airlines to forbid carry-ons for its cheapest airfare flyers.

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