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About French Bee Airlines

French Bee is a French airline. It started its operations in 2016. People are in awe of this airline and it’s highly customer friendly. This very aircraft contains Premium and Economy Classes.

Things to keep in Mind about French bee Airlines

Flight Cancellation and Refund

Hence, there may arise a situation where one has booked cheap airline tickets and now needs to get them canceled due to some emergency. Our Airline Helpline Customer Service will cancel the ticket in just a matter of minutes. However, a cancellation fee will have to be paid. To cancel domestic travel one will have to pay $200 plus fare difference and for international travel one will have to pay $300 plus fare difference. 

In case of a refund – it totally depends on the ticket type. In case one cancels their ticket within 24 hours of booking then an entire refund may be provided (T&C apply)

Web Check-in Policy

French bee Airlines allows for online check-in and ticket counter check-in at the airport. One can check-in online 48 hours and ending 60 minutes before the flight departs. One can use the online option if –

  • Thus, you can access your reservation with the confirmation code
  • Also, you should not be a special needs passenger

French bee airlines does not provide for mobile check-in and ticket counter check-in!

Infant policy

As far as the infant policy is concerned an adult ( 18 years and above) can carry the infant on their lap. Thus, a seat will not have to be bought. However, the airline should be informed in advance. Also, one infant per lap is allowed. If the passenger is travelling with more than one infant then a seat will have to be bought for the second infant. 

If the child turns two on his return trip, a full fare ticket will have to be bought.

Pet Policy

Thus, all the countries that French bee serves have different rules and regulations regarding transportation of pets. Hence, one should keep in mind that pets are not allowed on flights to and from Papeete, Tahiti. Also, on the other flights one can take only domesticated cats and dogs. To know more about the pet policy one can contact French bee Airlines Airline Helpline. 

The Baggage Policy

Thus, to keep in mind – Carry on Baggage Policy

Carry-on should not exceed the following size and weight restrictions:

  • Thus, 45 linear inches (21 x 15 x 9 in) or 114 centimeters (53 x 38 x 23 cm) 
  • Also, maximum weight should be 12kg

Checked Baggage Policy

  • Premium Class fare includes can take pieces. Economy Class Smart fare can take 1 piece
  • Thus, 3 checked bags per person are the maximum
  • Also, maximum dimensions : 62 inches or 157 centimeters (length + width + height)
  • Hence, maximum weight should be 23 kg per piece

To know more about the fee structure one can contact French bee Airlines Airline Helpline

Various Seats and Classes

Economy Class

This is a basic fare class which is relatively cheaper and also comfortable

Premium Economy

This class is more comfortable and flexible when it comes to Amenities

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