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Frontier airline is taking a drastic move that will give it a title of being one of the most generous policies among the U.S. carriers, slashing the ticket change fee.

Where the passengers had to $99 as a ticket change fee, now there’s no fee that the passengers have to pay who change a ticket 90 days before the original schedule of the flight departure.

The passengers who are making changes to their ticket less than 90 days but at least two weeks before the flight original departure schedule will have to pay $49, half of the previous charge.

No changes in the policy are made for the last minute ticket changes. The travelers who make changes before 13 days or less will have to pay $99 as per policy. Whether a passenger makes changes before 90 days or less than a week of his/her trip, you still need to pay a fare difference, if any.

The senior Vice President of the Frontier Airline said, “Clearly, we are offering a value-worth price slash to the passengers, making us an attractive airline among the U.S. carriers. And, the lower fee is a way to pull more passengers.”

Most of the United States airlines charge $200 for changing the ticket on a non-refundable ticket. Well, Southwest Airline is an exception.

Slashing the fees of any service gives customers a peace of mind and they can book the flights earlier. Frontier giving out the same to the passengers.

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