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My mundane life story : The last holiday I remember taking was with my family to Honolulu, two years ago. If one tries to describe me, then i am a workaholic,  who does nothing but work. I honestly don’t have much of a social life, but luckily have two best friends who can see right through me. Don’t get me wrong – I love my work, however, I have reached a stage where I realized work was taking over my life. My friends felt the same way, and thus without any more thought, I went to my boss and asked for a weeks leave. He gladly said yes and was pretty happy at the idea that I finally decided to experience adventure with. The only thing that haunted me was – which flight to take and where to go?

Los Angeles to Honolulu

Since I don’t travel much, I’m pretty lucky that my friends do. When I told them I was going to go for a holiday, they instantly told me which plane and which destination to go to. As per them, United Airlines was the best choice and the destination Honolulu. They were tied up at work and couldn’t really give me company, but I didn’t care. I sat down on my laptop and immediately booked the most reasonable Economy tickets at United Airlines for Honolulu. I was going to leave the next day and honestly could not express the excitement I was undergoing. Honolulu – Here I come!

My experience with United Airlines

I was actually quite thrilled to be traveling with United Airlines. I reached the airport way before time. With ample time on my hands, I explored the airport and indulged in some shopping. The boarding started right on time. It was in just a matter of minutes that we entered the plane. The plane was big, clean and had a very unique scent to it. As soon as I entered, the cabin crew greeted me with warmth and were very welcoming.

I found my seat, stretched my feet, fastened my seat belt and was ready to fly to Honolulu!


The plane was beautiful and comfortable. Even though I was seated at the Economy class I was surmounted by luxury and comfort. The food was delicious and the beverages something to relish on. Apart from just the food – the flight had entertainment systems to keep one busy. I kept myself busy watching movies, listening to some trendy music and there was also an option of playing games!

The flight was only for six hours. I woke up with a nudge from the stewardess – “ Hi can you please fasten your seat belt, we are about to reach Honolulu”

When in  Honolulu

As soon as we landed, I could smell the difference in the air. I could not wait to start exploring and accepting their different and vast culture. One week in, and I was going to make the most of it. I started by visiting the Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Pearl Harbor National Memorial, USS Arizona Memorial, Waikiki, Lolani Palace, and other cultural and interesting places!

I also decided to find some delicious food joints. These included trying out some Hawaiian food at Helenas, Ethill’s Grill, Mitsu Ken, The Pig and the Lady and many more. Honestly, I have not had such delicious food ever in my life! From trying the chicken, to the pasta, to the pork – I was absolutely stunned by the variety and taste of food

My week at Honolulu just flew by, and even though I enjoyed my trip thoroughly and hoped it didn’t have to come to an end – I was ready to get back to work

My way back on United Airlines

I found myself back on the amazing United Airlines. I was seated with luxury, comfort, and entertainment throughout the flight. Thank you United Airlines for making my trip (on such short notice) possible. If anyone wakes up in the morning and suddenly decides to take off, contact United Airlines!

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