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If you are looking for a cheap Delta flight, this guide is written for you. We will teach you when to book your flight and get the best deals to save more on air travel. You should compare airfare, know where to buy tickets for cheap and when to book flights before doing Delta Airlines reservation. So, here are the ways to save more on flight booking.


Book Flights on Tuesday:

Tuesday is usually the best day to book a flight, especially in the US. When it comes to timing, around 3 pm EST is the best time. There are so many airlines offer sales every week on Tuesday to compete with airlines and offer best prices for travelers. Tuesday is the best day for travelers to find best deals. If you have plans to travel on other days, you can also find the deals. For more info, call on Delta contact number.


Don’t book too late or too early:

Remember! You end up paying too much if you book flights too early. But you pay even more if it’s too late. Refer to these shopping windows to find the sweet spot for best prices on Delta flight check-in –

For International tickets – Shop around 1 ½ months to 5 ½ months in advance.

For US Tickets – Book up to 30 days to 3 months before departure.

Best times to fly – Buy tickets at least 2 months in advance if you want to travel in peak periods in the year like June, July and August, and holiday seasons like New Year’s, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Current Deals – If you want to book Delta flight today, look around for deals which pop-up and shop anytime. You never know when the prices of airline tickets drop suddenly and you get lucky.


Do Comparison Shopping:

As a golden rule, never resist your urge to compare airfares. Some people just assume that their favorite airline will never cheat them and they will offer best deals to them. Well, if an airline is offering cheapest deal today, it is not important it will do the same after one week or month. You end up paying too much with this ignorance. So, why pay a single dollar extra for a ticket than it’s actually worth?


What are the cheapest days to fly?

You should keep track on cheapest days to fly to save even more. If you are unable to book your whole flight on cheap days, book it at least for one side of the trip to save something.

Cheap Days – Usually, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the cheapest days in the US. Weekdays are considered cheaper than weekends for international travel.

Expensive days – Don’t book on Fridays and Sundays as they usually are expensive in the US.

Cheap hours – At least, try to fly on odd hours when people don’t fly much, for example overnight, morning, or during dinner or lunch hour.


Choose the Cheapest Route:

If you are in a hurry and you need more convenience, you can go with non-stop flights. But if you want to save more and get better deals, pick connecting flights. Sometimes, you can save up to 50% as a flight with a stop or two is usually cheaper. Before you make payment, compare price of connecting and non-stop flights. It’s up to you whether cheaper flight is worth some inconvenience of a longer travel time.

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