KLM Royal Dutch Airline Helpline is a platform from where one can not only avail cheap airline tickets but also make changes so that an individual can incur a simple and hassle-free trip. Thus, if one wants to make changes like Flight Cancellations, change in personal information, and solve queries like flight status, pet policy, infant policy and more – they can directly call KLM Royal Dutch Airline Helpline number at  1-877-391-6188. Nonetheless, we believe that travel should be budgeted so that people from all walks of life can get the luxury to roam the globe. 

Flight Cancellation 

Thus, one has purchased their cheap airline tickets with KLM Royal Dutch Airline Helpline number. However, due to some circumstances, an individual needs to cancel their flight ticket. Thus, in such cases, one can simply call us and ask for cancellations. The process is fast and easy. However, one has to pay a cancellation fee of $200 plus the fare difference for domestic travel and a fee of $300 plus fare difference for international travel. 

Web Check-in Process

Nonetheless, today, for web check-in one doesn’t have to necessarily stand In long lines. Thus, you’ve purchased your cheap airline tickets and are now finding ways to check-in.  One can check in with the aid of the internet. Hence, one can check-in 1-30 hours before the flight departs. 

There are some requirements to check-in online

  • If traveling to/from the U.S then check-in between 24 hours to 1 hour prior to your departure time.
  • Hence, If traveling to Mumbai or from Ethiopia, Kenya, or Sudan, check-in should be  1.5-30 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.
  • Also, If one is traveling from any other location they should check-in 1-30 hours before your flight departs
  • Nonetheless, you should have an electronic ticket for a confirmed reservation.
  • Also, you are not traveling in a group larger than 9 people.
  • Nonetheless, you are not a special needs passenger (ie. Unaccompanied Minor).

Apart from online check-in, there are also some cliché ways of checking-in online. 

Infant Policy

As per the infant policy of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, a passenger is allowed to carry only one infant on the lap ( below two years of age). Thus, If the same passenger was carrying more than one infant then a seat will have to be bought for the second child. Also, make sure to inform the airline in advance. 

To know more about the infant policy contact KLM Royal Dutch Airline Helpline

Pet Policy

So you have availed cheap airline tickets and are now seeking how to travel with your pet. The pet policy of KLM Royal Dutch airlines is simple. One can travel with their pet in the passenger cabin, checked-in as baggage or be shipped as cargo

To travel with the pet in the passenger cabin

  • The pet should be comfortable in the kennel throughout
  • Also, the necessary health documents should be carried. 
  • The total weight of the pet and the container should be no more than 6kg

To travel as checked-baggage

  • Nonetheless, snub-nosed animals are not allowed
  • Pets should be comfortable in the kennel
  • Also, health documents as needed by the destination should be carried

Thus, to know more about the pet policy of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines contact KLM Royal Dutch Airline helpline

Baggage Policy

Carry on Baggage

Business Class individuals are allowed to carry two bags and one personal item. The carry on baggage should be able to fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. 

  • Maximum Dimensions of Carry-on Luggage: 21.5in x 10in x 13.5in/55cm x 25cm x 35cm (length x width x height), and a smaller bag of 18in x 8in x 13.5in/45cm x 20cm x 35cm
  • Also, maximum Weight of Carry-on Luggage: 18 kg

Checked-in Baggage

  • Economy class can take 1 piece not exceeding 23 kg and 62in/158 cm (length + width + height)
  • Business-class can take 2 pieces not exceeding 32 kg and 62in/158 cm (length + width + height) each
  • Flying Blue Silver, Gold and Platinum members; SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus members can take one extra piece based on their travel class with corresponding weight and size restrictions

To know more about the fee structure related to baggage policy contact KLM Royal Dutch Airline Helpline Number at 1-877-391-6188

Various Seats and Classes

Therefore, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has various seats and classes. 

Economy Class

This is the most basic airfare. One can contact KLM Royal Dutch Airline Helpline number and find good cheap airline tickets and deals to Economy Class

Premium Economy 

This class is a little more expensive and more flexible as compared to the normal Economy Class

Business Class

Thus, if one wants to travel in luxury and style then Business Class it is! Here one will find many exquisite amenities and these seats can transform into flatbeds.

Other Issues Resolved by KLM Royal Dutch Airline Helpline

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines not only provides cheap airline tickets and best airline deals but also makes travel simple and hassle-free for all its customers. 

  • They Help while selecting seats and flight cancellations
  • Provides Information on flight delay or other changes in the schedule
  • details about the current and new reservation
  • Solves issues regarding infant policy, minor policy, pet policy, and other such policies

 Fly with Royal Dutch Airline Helpline

Nonetheless, one should contact us and find cheap airline tickets and the best deals available. We hope that travel can be a part of everyone’s lives. Thus we aim to bring about budgeted and economical travel. We wish you a happy journey!