If one is looking to explore the world and book cheap airline tickets then the best platform that one can approach is Kuwait Airways Airline Helpline. Why? Well firstly, not only can one purchase cheap airline deals and best discounted offers, but also aid in making changes like flight cancellations, seat up-gradation, issues regarding minor policy, infant policy and more! However, before we go further let us shine a light on Kuwait Airways!


In-flight Entertainment


Thus, one can watch many movies, and listen to music on board. The best part is that the movie section is upbeat and the latest arrived. The meal option cannot be resisted. Nonetheless, the meals are complimentary and what is served depends on the flight duration, departure time and the destination. One more good thing is that Kuwait Airways offer various passengers with special dietary needs the option of ordering a special meal


Flight Cancellations


One has booked their cheap airline tickets and are looking forward to flight cancellations due to certain circumstances. In such cases, one can just simply call us and the procedure will happen in a couple of minutes. However, there is a cancellation fee of $200 plus the fare difference for domestic travel and a fare of $300 plus the fare difference for international travel.


Web Check-in Process


Nonetheless, the web check-in process is easy and one can check-in online without having to stand in long lines. This will ease the process as one has the option to check-in and print their boarding pass directly from their computer. Nonetheless, the e-boarding pass will also be sent you the person’s email address.


Checking –online also allows people to check their luggage in advance, select their seats, the meal options and much more.


Infant Policy


Hence, the infant Policy of Kuwait is basic. A passenger can travel with an infant ( below two years of age) on his lap. However, if the same passenger is traveling with more than one infant then a seat will have to definitely be purchased for the second child. Important – the airline should be informed in advance that you are traveling with an infant. For international travel one will have to pay a certain amount on the infant’s ticket.


Pet Policy


Thus, we are going to elaborate on the pet policy of Kuwait Airlines. Also, after availing the cheap airline tickets one should know that Kuwait does not allow for pets to travel In the passenger cabin. Thus, Kuwait may transport one’s pet in the cargo section as checked baggage. It is recommended to translate to the captain of the aircraft that your pet is flying in the cargo section. This will make sure that the temperature is kept at proper levels.


Here are certain requirements for your pet to travel in the cargo section-


  • Thus, the kennel should meet all requirements
  • Also, the animal should be comfortable and not ill
  • Nonetheless, the necessary health documents as needed by the destination should be carried


In case one needs to know about the fee structure, one can contact Kuwait Airline Helpline


Baggage Policy


For checked baggage allowance


If one is traveling by royal class then their free check-in baggage would be limit to 3 pieces of 32 kg each. Also, the maximum dimension should not be more than – 300 cm.


If you are traveling by first class and business class, then two bags that weigh up to 32 kg are allows. Again, the  maximum dimension should not go beyond 158 cm


Thus, for travelers of economy class, two bags of 23 kg each are allowed.


If you are traveling with an infant then you can check in 10 kg of baggage not exceeding 115 cm in size. Nonetheless, the  Maximum dimension – 158 cm.


Finally to know more about the excess baggage fee one can contact us at Kuwait Airline Helpline


Various seats and classes


One has availed the cheap airline tickets and are now looking to book a certain class. Kuwait Airways has different classes


Economy Class


This is the best class for a budgeted traveler. This class has entertainment options, where one can watch updated films and listen to good music. This class is also serves hot meals – do keep in mind that pork is not served on the flight. One is also given a blanket and a pillow


Business Class


Before even flying one can relax and take luxury in the business class lounge. Onboard one will be given facilities like complimentary services which include movies, meals and also beverages. One is provided here blankets, headsets for watching movies and sleeping blinds!


First Class


The first class is the most expensive and Kuwait Airways offers limousine services to first-class passengers at the London Airport. Here one can enjoy their privacy in an enclosed suite, be luxurious is their reclinable chairs and also sip Arabic coffee!


Fly with Kuwait Airline Helpline


Thus, Kuwait Airline Helpline is a platform where one can not only book cheap airline tickets and cheap airfare but also make many changes such as flight cancellations, seat up-gradation, and issues concerning minor policy, infant policy, pet policy and more. Hence, all one needs to do is call Kuwait Airline Helpline at 1-877-391-6188.