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Previously known by the name, LAN Airlines S.A, after the merger of its TAM S.A, it is know LATAM Group Airline S.A. LATAM Airlines Group S.A. includes LAN Airlines with its companion in Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador along with LAN with its affiliates and Cargo including TAM S.A. with subsidiaries for TAM Linhas Aereas S.A., with its units of business like TAM Transports Aereos del Mercosur S.A., with TAM Flights (Paraguay) and Multiples S.A. that holds its 322 aircraft, as a result, LATAM Aircraft Group S.A. is the world’s largest airline groups and operates a large number of flight passenger services to around 136 destinations for more than 21 countries.

Classes for Service in LATAM Airline

LAN Airlines have three classes

  1. Premium Business
  2. Premium Economy
  3. Economy Class.

Premium Business: Premium Class Business has an elegant interior with very comfortable seats that can be easily changed to beds to make you feel comfortable. To make their passengers experience better, the airline offers incredible in-flight amenities and entertainment with a wide variety of savory dishes and wines.

Premium Economy: The Premium Class Economy of LATAM Airline provides the extra personal space which covers all your comfort and requirement. Premium Economy Class passengers are given very convenient services which include access to priority check-in, VIP Lounge along with baggage pick-up.

Economy: They have very comfortable reclinable seats. They have a flexible headrest which gives comfort and extra flexibility. Enjoy delicious snacks with meals which is served onboard. They keep your mood entertained with a wide range of entertainment options.

In-Flight Entertainment

For your better flying experience, the airline gives an excellent entertainment panel on-board. Choose movies from more the list holding more than hundreds of several TV series and games to keep them occupied through the flight on-air.

Enjoy their standout service offered by their experienced and well-qualified staff of the airline.

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For Check-In Online

Choose your seat which you would like to prefer, and print the boarding pass while at your home with their online check-in facility service offered by the airline.  Also you can complete this between 48 Hours to 2 Hours in while into the scheduled departure of your flight.

Flights by LATAM Airline can be a check on Airlinehelpline. Above allyou can also check the travelers booking by your PNR or reference number on Airline helpline 1-877-391-6188

Baggage Policy and Allowance on Board

Checked Baggage: With flying with LATAM Airline, there is only one bag and one personal item allowed on board as per their Baggage Policy which you carry for free of cost. Therefore your items should always follow up with the characteristics, maximum size and maximum weight allowed.

  • You are allowed for only one bag to carry for free of cost. It should be light enough that you can put it up in the overhead compartment without any help.
  • Weighted around 8 kilos or 16.8 lb of the bag in Economy and 16 kilos or 35.2 lb for Premium Economy and Premium Business.
  • In case you are flying to or from Brazil, the maximum allowed weight is 10 kilos.
  • Max Dimensions is 21in/55 cm x 13in/35cm x 9in/25cm for height, width and depth.

Personal item

  • You can carry a purse, Laptop bag or Diaper bag
  • You can put that below the seat in front of you unless it’s a first or Last Seat.
  • The maximum dimensions of your item you can carry are18in or 45cm x 14in or 35cm x 8in or 20cm for (height, width and length)

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