Los Angeles to Hong Kong : My experience with Cathay Pacific

My story: A must-read!  There are some days that you cannot erase from your memory. They are permanently imprinted in your brain.  This day for me was the 2nd of August 2019. I finally decide to book a Los Angeles to Hong Kong ticket through Cathay Pacific Airline Helpline outgrow my mundane boring life at my work and ask for a one week leave.

This feeling was not hidden. All my friends could see right through me and force me to ask for a leave. When I speak to my boss to tell him I need a vacation – he actually smiles, and said: “ I was wondering when you’d ask for some days off ”.  I  excite and thrill, and start looking for the best available deals! The only obstacle I now face was which flight should I book.  Thanks to my friends and their exciting lives – I came to know just the right one

Los Angeles to Hong Kong

I went online and looked through various deals. Cathay Pacific was the best out of the lot. I book my ticket for the economy class the next morning and found myself quite thrilled by the idea of traveling by Cathay. This was my first time with the airline, but my friends ranting about how it’s the best and the most economical one – especially when booking tickets only one day in advance. I was ready to go to Hong Kong!

I was so excited that I reached the airport for an hour in advance. Even though I early, I kept myself busy at the airport and did some shopping as well. The flight was right on time, and the boarding process was fast, easy, simple and didn’t take much time. I actually quite impressed by organizing the airline was.

When I entered the plane I  greet by the cabin crew. They were warm and quite welcoming. The flight look clean and had a nice scent to it. I sat on my seat, stretched my legs and made myself comfortable. The journey was going to be around 15 hours and hence I got ready to entertain myself.

los angeles to hong kong

Amenities at Cathay Pacific

The cabin crew was very welcoming. The food was delicious and the beverages delectable. In all my travels, I felt that Cathay had the best variety of food, and the taste was just out of the world. The seats also allow for a storage box where one can keep their passports, boarding pass, glasses, and phones safely.

The food was not only delicious but also very healthy including fresh fruits and vegetables! Apart from that, I  capture by their entertainment section which provided for many movies, television programs, games, and even trendy music!. I spent the first six hours mesmerized by the amenities and services. The next half I slept off comfortably. I woke up with the announcement “ Dear passengers we are arriving in Hong Kong. We hope your experience with Cathay was good”. It sure was better than good. I could feel Hong Kong and the culture awaiting me.


los angeles to hong kong

My First Visit To Hong Kong

Even though the flight was around 15 hours, I had no idea how the time went by. We landed in Hong Kong right on time. The air was different, the smell was different, the people were different and I was enthused about the idea of exploring their culture.

I was there for a week and explored many popular places there –The Disney land, The Ocean Park, Po Lin Monastery, The Lamma Island, Temple Street Night Market, Clock tower and the other cultural hubs. Apart from keeping myself busy in the day time, I also decided to explore the food and night scenario

Visit Restaurants and Bars in Hong Kong

The food was delicious at Yan Toh Heen, Dynasty Restaurant, Cappo, Clipper Lounge. I also visited the small local places and ate sweet and sour pork, Wontons, Shrimp and even chicken’s feet!

I had absolutely no idea how my week went by. Traveling solo, I also managed to make some local friends out there, and went to the best places.

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