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Jet Blue Airlines prides itself as the lowest airfare airline offers the best services to the passengers than any other airlines.

According to the Travel Leisure, the airline is increasing its baggage fees from this August leaving the Blue Jet to be the first airline to charge $30 for the first checked bag with Blue fare that means it $5 increase in first bag fee than the previous fees and $40 for the second bag. The third bag, with Blue or Blue Plus, is up from previous fees $100 to $150.

Jet Blue Airlines CEO, Robin Hayes said during the festival, “Because of the hike in the airline fuel prices we need to increase the fees. So, instead of hiking the ticket fare we chose to increase the baggage fees”.

This is actually going to benefit your overall wallet as airfare remains the same for all the classes as it is and you are on a beneficiary side.

JetBlue was a latecomer in introducing checked baggage fees, which became the standard in the airline industry. The airline then introduced the checked bag service in 2015, but paid.

The act left the Southwest to be the only airline that offering two checked bags for free.

Southwest Airline is starting to increase the price of its Early Bird boarding fees from a flat $15 to $15 and $20 to $25, depending on the route and miles. United Airlines is going to charge for certain seat assignments for economy class passengers, which Delta and American have already gotten it into practice. Jet Blue is the only one that is trying to boost the revenue against a higher fuel price.

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