Nok Air Airlines

Air Nok is one of the aircraft’s that give savvy administrations to its customers around Thailand. It covers a wide scope of goals inside various countries, for example, Samui, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. It works as an autonomous universal system for aircraft. The administrations gave via Air Nok work inside the framework working of airship. This aircraft gives its administrations generally inside the residential area. The carrier gives customers welcoming attributes on movement charges. Occupations creation included with years. With the primary help time frame, utilized specialists hit the 130 imprints. This number later expanded to around 1400.


Air Nok flights came to present the year 2004 inside the second month of the year. Its tasks initiated around the same time at around the long stretch of July on 23rd. This aircraft utilized 130 labourers in the year 2007. The number of labourers expanded to 1400 from 2014. Administrations for worldwide flights began in May around 2007 where Air Nok made its every day administrations to nations that included India and Bangalore.

Residential flights were the most prominent administrations for Air Nok around Thailand, which prompted a positive result. From around 2013, Air Nok made a lot of benefits and development progress. Production of this aircraft hugely improved its administrations openly globally. These upgrades prompted contrasts between the investors for the control of the aircraft. A choice on control of the carrier winds up troublesome as deals dropped.

The aircraft was not ready to get shares from certain organizations to enhance its deals. At around 2014, Air Nok carrier and Scoot teamed up to shape an aircraft that for the most part managed local administrations.


Air Nok contains flying machines armada that summarizes 20. They offer administrations to their customers at the best and best level crosswise over various countries. The carrier has airship like 737-800 Boeing, which has around 189 bearers. Different administrations for the aircraft experience the ATR72-500, which contains 66 bearers and a Q400 overhauling 86 transporters.


Air Nok has gotten acknowledgement for the extraordinary flight administrations, which has earned it various honours in the long stretches of its activity. These include:


  • Award-winning for the world best arrangement and financially savvy benefits inside Asia in the year 2012.
  • In the year 2013, this carrier had the option to get another honour for its financially savvy benefits in Asia.
  • a similar honor for cost-effectiveness arrived at the Air Nok aircraft in 2014.

Courses and Destinations

This carrier has as of late developed to pull in numerous nations interests in Malaysia, Bangkok including China, which is among the universal aircraft. Having an incredible effect on presidential administrations, it has had the option to cover in any event 24 locales inside its flights. This ensures its customers the best aeroplane administrations.