Airline Helpline is an experimental platform where one can book cheap airline tickets and easily avail the best airline offers. Thus, If you’re thinking of a budgeted journey with Norwegian Airlines then do contact Norwegian Air Shuttle Airlines Helpline at 1-877-391-6188. We also make changes which make travel for our passengers easier and hassle-free. However, before we go further let us understand more about Norwegian Airlines.

Flight Cancellations

After availing cheap airline tickets one can be under the situation where they need to cancel their tickets. In such cases, all one has to do is call us. However, a cancellation fee will apply. One will have to pay $200 plus taxes for domestic travel and $300 plus taxes for international travel. 

Web check-in Process

The web check-in process of Norwegian Air Shuttle is simple and basic. Hence, with the advancement of technology one can easily check-in online and they don’t have to stand in long lines. However, there are some restrictions that are associated with online web check-in. 

If one questions how much time before should one be at the airport then:

  • In the case of domestic flights, the check-in opens 2 hours before the departure and closes 30 minutes before the departure
  • Thus, for international travel, the check-in again opens 2 hours before the departure and closes 45 minutes prior to the departure
  • Also, for flights to Dubai, Israel, Thailand, and the USA, check-in opens 3 hours prior to departure and closes 1 hour prior to departure.

Infant Policy

You have availed cheap airline tickets and are looking forward to traveling with an infant. The infant policy allows a passenger to carry an infant ( below two years of age) on the lap. The airline should be informed in advance. However, if the same passenger travels with more than one infant then a seat will have to be purchased for the second child.

To know more about the infant policy call up Norweigian Air Shuttle Airline Helpline

Pet Policy

Pets in the cabin

Thus, the requirement for pets in the passenger cabin – very small animals can be carried in the cabin only on the domestic flights.  Also, this airline accepts a maximum of two adult animals per flight. One can also take small puppies and small kittens in the same container in the cabin. 

Pets in checked-baggage

Those pets who are weighing over 8 kg can be transported as checked baggage instead. Pets must be at least 8 weeks old and should weigh a maximum of 14 kg per animal. The fee for pets traveling as checked baggage is 55-70 GBP if you book it online, or 65-80 GBP if you book it at the airport.

Restrictions when traveling with pet

If your pet is snub-nosed breed then one will be asked to sign a release form at check-in acknowledging the basic risks associated with air travel for your pet

Baggage Policy

Carry on Baggage

The maximum dimensions for hand baggage are 55x40x23 cm (21.6×15.7×9 in.) 

maximum weight of 10 kg When traveling to/from Dubai, your hand baggage must not exceed 8 kg in total weight.

Checked-baggage Allowance

Maximum weight: 20 kg 

Maximum dimensions: 90x75x55 cm (35.5x30x22 in.)

To know more about the excess baggage fee one can contact us at  Norwegian Air Shuttle Airlines Helpline

Various Seats and Classes

Economy Class

The Economy Class is the most basic and one doesn’t have to pay too much for this fare. By this class one can travel within a budget and at ease

Other Issues Resolved By  Norwegian Air Shuttle Airlines Helpline

  • Thus, flight Cancellations
  • Also, seat up-gradation
  • Nonetheless, seat selection
  • Therefore, issues regarding all airline policies

Fly with Norwegian Air Shuttle Airlines Helpline

Thus, contact us to not only book cheap airline tickets but also to make changes which will make travel easier. These changes can be done after the ticket is booked. We hope you have a great journey!