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Delta Airline Helpline

This platform is specific to Delta Airlines. Thus, if I want to find cheap airline deals and discounted offers with Delta, I can directly approach Delta Airline Helpline. This platform again also looks at issues such as Flight Change, Cancellation, Seat up-gradation, Infant Policy, Pet Policy of Delta Airlines and much more. Thus, we not only take care of the booking but are also a renowned 24/7 customer service platform. Hence want a budgeted tip and a hassle-free journey? Just pick up the phone and call on the above number. Most of our passengers and customers are questioning the pet policy of Delta Airlines, and thus we are going to shine a light on the Delta Airlines Pet Policy

To Understand the Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Thus, the pet policy of Delta Airlines should be understood. The pet can travel in the passenger cabin, checked as baggage or even shipped as cargo. However, there are certain requirements that have to fulfil in case the pet has to travel in the passenger cabin

  • Of course, the pet should be comfortable in the kennel and should be able to fit under the seat in front of you
  • Also, the pet should remain in the kennel throughout the flight
  • Pets are required to be at least 8 weeks old
  • One has to be travelling within the United States ( except Hawaii), Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda
  • Also, Only domesticated dogs, cats, and birds allow
  • Thus, the pet should have all the necessary health documents and are needed by the destination

Hence, pets can also be check as baggage. For this as well certain requirements have to be adhered to

  • Your pet should be able to be in the kennel throughout the flight
  • Also, one can only carry cats, dogs, household birds, guineas are odds-Call – pigs, rabbits and hamsters in the checked baggage. One does not allow carrying snub nose dogs/cats
  • The kennel should meet all the requirements
  • Thus, one should carry all the necessary health documents needed by the destination

Helpful Guidelines for Pet Policy

In case your pet cant is accommodating in the passenger cabin or checked-in as baggage, then you can always ship him through cargo. However, do follow some helpful guidelines –

  • Of course, animal shipments should pre-book
  • International pet shipments must be book 3-30 days in advance
  • Also, US-based pet shipments must be book a minimum of 24 hours in advance and a maximum of 7 days prior
  • Once arrived at the destination, the pets will be delivered to the Delta Cargo facility within 60 minutes
  • Thus, only warm-blooded animals and birds who are personal pets or exhibitionist animals can be ship as cargo
  • One cannot take primates
  • Animals should not be dangerous or aggressive

Now that we have understood the pet policy of Delta Airlines, let us also unearth the fee structure

  • Thus, if your pet is in the passenger cabin for travel within US/Canada and Puerto Rico then the fee is $125 USD one way
  • Those in the passenger cabin for travel outside the US is $200 USD/CAD/EUR one way
  • Also, fee for an animal in the passenger cabin for travel to/from Brazil is $75 USD one way

Fly with your loveable pets at Delta Airlines

Thus, book your cheap airline deals with Delta Airline Helpline and fly with your pets with ease. We promise that your journey will be fulfilling and memorable. Do remember to click as many pictures with your adorable pet!

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