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We all want a pet-friendly vacation which is the best kind of vacation. If that includes going on a flight, you’ll need to get the information for Airline Pet Policies. Many U.S. International airlines allow pets to aboard on their flights. Some Flights are  pet friendly than others. By comparing these airline pet policies, requirements for Pets on Flight, and their fees, it will allow you to make better decisions about flying with your pets. To make it an easy task, we have collected the policies of the major US Airlines along with their information and contact number.

U.S. Airline Pet Policies for Various Airlines

Pet Policy of Air Canada

Air Canada Airline Pet Policies allows small cat or a small dog to fly with you in the passenger’s cabin. The fee they charge usually is around $50-60 for flights in Canada, or for the US.

Passengers can travel with one cat or dog (can be around 100 pound pet along with pet carrier) in the baggage compartment.

The fee for the pets traveling in baggage compartment is around $100-120 each way in Canada. Same goes for between US and Canada. The Pet Fees for international flights as per Airline Pet Policies is around $270-$320. Arrangements for the transportation of the other kind of pets can be made through Air Canada Cargo Flights.

Meanwhile, Air Canada allows only a limited number of domestic pets on flight. Pets cannot come without prior reservations

Air Canada doesn’t charge extra fee to book your ticket by calling on 1-877-391-6188. Call Air Canada Reservations prior to 24 hours to add pets to reservations for the flights.

 Pet Policy for Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airline Pet Policies has a seat for Pets on Flight for dogs, cats, rabbits, and household birds to travel within passenger cabin. A fixed fee of $100 is applicable for each side. Pets, (up to 150 pounds pet max including pet carrier combined) including cats, dogs, ferrets, hamsters , guinea pigs, non-poisonous reptiles, pot bellied pigs, rabbits, household birds, and tropical fish can fly in the climate-controlled baggage and cargo compartments.

The fee for Pets on Flight in the baggage compartment same $100 each way.Alaska Airline Pet Policies provide a fix limited space for every flight. So pets should get prior reservations. Call Alaska for a full explanation of the pet policy. Alaska Airlines Helpline charges a $15 fee to book your ticket by telephone. To avoid the fee, call the  to confirm there is space for your pet on the flight.

 American Airlines Pet Policy

American Airline Pet Policies have an allowance for small dogs and cats to fly with the passenger in their cabin. An additional fee of $125 is applied on each way as per Airline Pet Policies. Moreover, limited space is available for every flight, so pets need reservations prior to the reservation.

Animals are allowed on flights if it’s not longer than 12 hours to/from the contiguous U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, St. Croix and Central America. Additional restrictions may apply accordingly.

For larger cats and dogs, they can travel in baggage compartment which is served as first-come, first served basis.

The charge for pets travelling in the baggage compartment is $150 to $200. Two pets per person for check is allowed for each Pets on Flight.

Addition of larger pets or other types of pets, or pets traveling alone can be made through American Airline Cargo. Fees range from $270 to $460 depending on pet’s weight, departure and destination.

Call American Airline Helpline for a full explanation of their pet policy, including required documentation.

Airline Pet Policies

Delta Airlines Pet Policy | Delta Airline Helpline

Delta Airline Pet Policies allows their passengers to carry “Pets on Flight” for small dogs, cats, and household birds for which they charge the additional fee of $125 each way around US and Canada. Pet Travel fees are around $200 outside the US, except for Brazil. The fee for Brazil is $75. Likewise, Limited space is available for pets, so they need prior reservations.

Transportation for other types of pets can be arranged via Delta Airline Cargo. Call for a full explanation of their pet policy with detailed information regarding pet policy of Delta Airline with requirements.

You must call Delta Reservations on to book a flight with a pet. They do not charge a fee for telephone reservations.

 JetBlue Pet Policy | Jet Blue Helpline

With their JetPaws program for JetBlue Airline Pet Policies, JetBlue welcomes all kind of small cats and dogs in passenger cabin for both domestic and international flights. Therefore they charge additional fee of $125 for each way. The combined weight of the pet including the carrier must be 20 pounds or less, and prior reservations are require.

JetBlue does not carry animals in baggage or cargo. Please refer to JetBlue helpline number for their complete pet policy, including documentation requirements.

JetBlue allows for reservations online for your passenger cabin pet. A $25 fee is charge to make reservations by the telephone.

 United Airlines Pet Policy | Airline Helpline

United Airline allows in-cabin travel for cats, dogs, rabbits and household birds to travel in the passenger cabin on flights within the US. A pet fee of $125 is applied for each way. There is an addition of $125 service charge for every stopover of more than four hours in U.S. or more than 24 hours outside U.S.

The United Airline Pet Policies require pets to have prior reservations. However all the customers traveling with passanger cabin pets must check with a customer service representative at the United Airline ticket counter to receive a yellow bag tag for their pet.

United Airline also have PetSafe program. They ships cats and dogs via cargo airline with dedicated 24/7 hour Live Animal helpline. Rates vary as per the total weight of the animal and carrier combined.

Please call  for a full explanation of their pet policy and documentation requirements.

United allows you to book a seat online for your passenger-cabin pet. A $10 fee applies to reservations made by call on reservations.

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