Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s Capital City and Much of What it has to Offer

While Port-au-Prince may not have the ideal image of a fun holiday, it’s a real idea of the developing world. Just a couple of hours by air from Miami, the city had a reputation for poverty in the midst of turmoil even before the devastating earthquake caused massive damage there nine years ago. It’s still recovering slowly from it, but you won’t see any debris – that was long cleared away. The people of Haiti are one of the most resilient. Port-au-Prince can be a noisy and chaotic city. However there are so many positives it has that attracts everybody toward it all over the world and hence there are tons of Flight Deals for this Destination.

Natural Wonders

Haiti which means ‘mountainous country’, within its rolling landscape has hidden some of its most beautiful gems of nature. The diverse and beautiful nature in this country is scatter with waterfalls and caves which make for perfect spots for swimming and picnicking. Waterfalls at Saut d’Eau, attract a wide-ranging set of pilgrims every July towards its holy waters. And for that they are pretty well known. Among other similarly stunning natural wonders are the aqua marine pools of Bassins Bleu near Jacmel. Experience the eerie caves of Grotte Marie-Jeanne which are near the Port Salut.

Architectural Wealth

Historically too it is no short of architectural wonders. Its two largest attractions: first is the national museum, better known as Mupanah.  It truly unfolds Haiti’s history as it has items such as the anchor of one of the ships of Christopher Columbus. The other attraction is the Marché de Fer. Which is a busy market where you can buy everything under the sun, from spices to creative works of art.

Popular areas and Places to Stay

After visiting these places, I would say head up the hill to Pétionville. Where the restaurants and art galleries of the upscale neighborhood will leave you enthralled. The other popular residential areas are Champs de Mars – the greenery people to walk in the gardens and view some of the remains of the quake. The other being Croix-des-Bouquets – this region in the west is known for being home to many local artists and markets. The Inn at Villa Bambou will not disappoint with its lovely landscaped gardens and striking views of the ocean.

If that wasn’t enough the shopping at Port-au-Prince will leave you spoil for choice. Some mention-able market places such as Marché de Fer and the other outdoor Village Artistique de Noailles can be rather quaint and interesting.

Port-au-Prince Destination

Immerse in Culture

If culture is what intrigues you make sure to be here in February. Its at the old town of Jacmel for yearly carnival. Haiti’s handicrafts capital. And is worth a visit during this time as half the country hails to the town for a time of festivities. Artisans spend most of their year to prepare for it, making giant colorful paper-mache sculptures for the parade! You will also find traditional dance, theater and music here so it’s a great time to book your flight and visit!

Apart from so much it has to offer the art scene at Port-au-Prince is not to be miss. Apart from this the beaches make it a unique place in the Caribbean islands with their idyllic-ness. And not the regular busy beaches you would find elsewhere! You could truly get lost in wonder here!

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