The airlines’ very first priority is to satisfy the passengers with the services and support and to enhance their overall airline experience. Not only the service, but the airline also takes care of your flying experience. Ease your way through the entire airport processes from before you enter the airport to after you leave the airport. With the premium airline support service, you can easily receive all the luxurious services that will ease yours throughout travel.

The premium services are available for every Diamond, Platinum, and Gold members. Not a member of any Medallion? Not a problem. You can easily sign up to our site and get all the updates about the premium airline support service over a phone call +1-877-391-6188  or through an email.

Premium services by class:

The services that the airlines offer to the passengers is also based on the class you are travelling in.

  • Business-class: Being a premium business class member, your check-in is handled by the special team who are specialized in handling premium members. An attached personal TV with AVM feature and a complimentary headphone, greater recliner with ample space to stretch your legs out, hundreds of top-rated magazines and books, free checked and carry-on bags, non-stop free meals and beverages, etc.

  • Premium Economy Class: If you’re travelling in economy class, get ready for some extra legroom to stretch out, the choice between the meals- either a hot serve breakfast with coffee of your choice or dinner with a refreshing salad, warm bread, and a sweet dessert.

Enjoy a duty-free shopping experience before you fly or in the flight among the various collections of fragrances, designer pieces of jewellery and showpieces, cosmetic essentials, as well as gourmet snacks and spirit.

What else?

The services offer by the airlines has their own terms and conditions and the priority of the services are set by the airlines accordingly. Apart from getting the premium services based on the class. You are travelling in, you can get extra benefits if you have signed up to the membership.

  • Exclusive reservation line that is available 24/7 for anything you need assistance with.

  • Faster check-in service so that you don’t have to stand in a never-ending queue of the airport.

  • Speed through security clearance to help you speed with everything

  • Being first on the plane definitely gets you the highest priority of the boarding. Secure the best overhead bins and enjoy the entire flying.

  • Enjoy free baggage service and also you get your bags very first on the carousel. So as you could get to where you need to be without any delay.

How do we help?

We have a team of highly experienced and skilled agents. They will help you throughout your flight experience from booking a ticket to leaving the destination airport. You can contact us on the airline helpline support number. For the complete detail on the premium assistance and enjoy the airline experience to the fullest.