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If one has any queries or doubts regarding Qatar Airways, then one can get in touch with our customer support platform, Qatar Airways Helpline Support. Here questions regarding the baggage, pets, infants and refund are solved in no time– give a call at 1-877-391-6188. Qatar Airways Helpline also aids in finding economical and cheap deals will Qatar Airways

In case of any query  – Contact Qatar Airways Helpline and avail a stress-free journey

Qatar Airways

With the help of Qatar Airways helpline, one can avail the best and economical deals at Qatar Airways. This airline was found in 1993. This airways operates from Hamad International Airport and covers over 150 destinations. This airway caters to all kinds of travellers, and hence various classes and seats are found in this airline.

Amenities at Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Helpline Support is a platform to solve all doubts and queries. There are many amenities provides at Qatar Airways. The airline is very friendly and extremely punctual. Their flight crew is young and an enthusiastic lot. The food served at Qatar Airways is delicious yet healthy. Apart from having comfortable seats, and airways also provides ample entertainment through movies, television programs, games, and music! One will never be bored here

Changes and the cancellation policy

If one wants to cancel their ticket within a day of booking and change flight then the passenger may get the entire refund (conditions adhered to). However, there are some tickets which allow for no refunds. There are some which may give back a refund, but a flight cancellation fee will apply.

To Cancel Your Flight – Call Qatar Airways Helpline At 1-877-391-6188

The web check-in process at Qatar Airways

There is a  simple web check-in process at Qatar Airways.  One can check-in with the help of the internet and they may not have to stand in long lines. The airway recommends that one should Qatar Airline check-in three hours before their departure time. To confirm flight status get in touch with Qatar Airways Helpline Support

Infant Policy at Qatar Airways

To understand the infant policy at Qatar Airways read attentively. An infant under two years of age can sit on the lap ( a ticket will not need to be bought ) However, if there is more than one child below two years, then a ticket will have to be bought for the second child

Pet policy at Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Helpline aids in one understanding the Pet Policy at Qatar Airways. Only falcons and service dogs are allow to be in the cabin and have to be check-in at the cargo terminal. Falcons are allowing to be only in the Economy Class. Passengers can take along with them only one falcon on the flight. A chain must be attach to the bird’s legs and which will prevent the bird from flying.

The transportation fee depends on the size of the carrier. Small to medium pets up to 32 kgs to/from Qatar are charge$200. Big dogs between 32 kgs are charge $350. Pets around 75 kg to and from Qatar cost $300 and on different routes cost $450.

The detailed baggage policy 

To know more about the baggage policy of Qatar Airways contact – Qatar Airways Helpline.  Everyone is aware that in case of excess baggage one may need to pay a cancellation fee.

Carry on luggage

One can carry one bag for free ( depending on the class one is travelling by)

  • First-class travellers can take 2 pieces of bags. The dimension should not exceed 33lb/ 15kg (20 x 15 x 10in/ 50 x 37 x 25cm)
  • Business Class passengers can take 2 pieces as well. The dimension should not go beyond 33lb/ 15kg (20 x 15 x 10in/ 50 x 37 x 25cm)
  • Economy Class can take one bag and the dimension should not exceed 15lb/ 7kg (20 x 15 x 10in/ 50 x 37 x 25cm)

Checked-in baggage

For flights going to and from Brazil – passengers can carry two bags and they should not exceed 32 kgs and a dimension on 62in (158 cm)

Flights between Brazil and Argentina – two bags are allow. Maximum weight 23 kgs and a dimension of 62 in (158 cm)

Other flights going to and from Argentina, Canada, and the US – First and Business class can carry two bags. The weight should not go beyond 32 kgs and a dimension of 62in/ 158cm

Economy class passengers can also carry two bags. The weight should not go beyond 23kgs and the dimension 62in/ 158cm

To know more about Baggage Fee and dimension – Contact Qatar Airways Helpline ( 1-877-391-6188)

Seats and Classes at Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways caters to all kinds of people and thus provides for Economy, Business and First Class.

At Economy Class cheap fares are reasonable and economical and those looking for decent prices can book here

Business and First Class are more expensive and thus provide many amenities and luxury to its passengers

To know more about seat assignment and up-gradation call Qatar Airways Helpline at 1-877-391-6188

If any query regarding reservations, cheap deals, flight cancellation, up-gradation, seat assignments, baggage policy and more – call Qatar Airways Helpline at 1-877-391-6188. We provide answers to all your questions and make one’s trip hassle and stress-free!



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