About Royal Brunei Airlines

Imperial Brunei Airlines is the national banner bearer aircraft of the Brunei Darussalam, headquartered in Bandar Seri Begawan. Regal Brunei Airlines has a center air terminal at Brunei International Airport, near Bandar Seri Begawan. Regal Brunei Airlines flies to numerous goals including Bali, Bandar Seri Begawan, Bangkok, Dubai, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Jeddah, Kota Kinabulu, London, Manila, Melbourne, Shanghai, Sinagpore and Surabaya. Imperial Brunei Airlines has codeshare concurrences with Cathay Pacific, Garuda Indonesia, Malaysia Airlines, Thai Airways and Myanmar Airways International.

Regal Brunei Airlines started flying in 1975 and now the carrier’s armada comprises of Boeing 787 Dreamliners, Airbus A320s and Airbus A319s. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has 18 seats in Business Class and 236 in Economy Class. Regal Brunei Airlines has interline concurrences with numerous aircrafts including China Airlines, Air France, Bangkok Airways, British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates, Hong Kong Airlines, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, KLM, Malaysia Airlines and numerous others.

Check-In process

The carrier offers online registration for the comfort of travelers. It is accessible for affirmed appointments from 24 hours as long as an hour (60 minutes) before the planned takeoff time for all travelers going with electronic tickets (e-tickets). For those withdrawing from London and Melbourne, the registration office will be accessible from 24 hours as long as three hours before the booked flight takeoff time. This administration isn’t accessible for travelers leaving from Jeddah. Note that Royal Brunei Airlines as of late reported that online checked in travelers holding aircraft gave tickets who has no registration things may continue straightforwardly to migration with their web based ticket. Illustrious Brunei Airlines ticket starts with the numbers 672.

Baggage Allowance & Fees

Every traveler is qualified for a registration stuff recompense of 30 or 40 kg for business class travelers and 20 kg or 25 kg for economy class travelers. For the two classes, guarantee that each bit of gear doesn’t gauge in excess of 32 kg. Any stuff in abundance of the free things stipend must be charged for regardless of the class of movement. Then again, for things that is proposed to be checked in for a flight, the outside measurements ought not surpass the total of 62 inches for each piece. Note that carriage of volumetric stuff is liable to space accessible in the flying machine payload hold. The traveler’s free things recompense might be viewed as when abundance weight stuff is charged. Sporting gear is considered as free things in understanding to the class of movement, gave that the hardware is appropriately pressed to maintain a strategic distance from harm. Be that as it may, for bikes, the handle bars must be situated a similar way as the bike casing and parts like pedals, lights, mirrors, and bike stand must be disassembled. The tires must be collapsed. Jumping hardware is considered as checked stuff, while sailboards utilized for windsurfing may just be conveyed as showed freight. Lance firearms must be emptied with the lance pressed independently and compacted air tanks may be acknowledged whether vacant and the valve open. Flares are considered as risky merchandise and are along these lines not permitted ready.