Singapore Airline

Singapore Airline Helpline is a platform which not only solves one’s queries but also helps to find economical and best deals with Singapore Airlines and other associated airlines. If one has questions regarding flight status, cancellation, and change, infant policy, pet policy, baggage fee, unaccompanied minor, flight up-gradation, seat up-gradation then give a call to Singapore Airline Helpline at – 1-877-391-6188.

Singapore Airlines                            

This airline was founded in 1947. It flies to over 65 destinations in about 35 countries. This is one of the very esteemed and respected airlines. It caters to all strata of the society be it the middle class or the upper class. It is a member of the Star Alliance and has agreements with 10 airlines that are not part of its alliance. Singapore Airline Helpline

Amenities at Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airline Helpline aims to solve queries and book best deals. They provide one with a fresh hot towel to freshen up. Apart from this, their seats are extremely comfortable and allow one ample space to stretch out. The cabin crew is warm and friendly and are there to serve its passengers 24/7. One can also keep themselves busy with numerous films, television programs, and games!

Changes and the Cancellation policy

The changes and cancellation policy of Singapore Airline Helpline is very easy and pretty basic. In case one cancel flight tickets within 24 hours of booking then they may get a full refund ( conditions apply)

Usually, the refund depends on the ticket type. Some tickets give no refund, while some allow with a cancellation fee.

To cancel your flight call Singapore Airline Helpline at 1-877-391-6188

The web check-in process at Singapore Airlines

Web check-in is available and one doesn’t have to stand in long lines for their ticket. There are some terms to abide by while web check-in

  • Check-in should be done two to forty-eight hours before the flight departs
  • If you are a special needs passenger then you can’t check-in online
  • You also cant web check-in if you are travelling with more than 10 people

Infant policy at Singapore Airlines

The infant policy at Singapore Airlines allows one to carry their children. If the child is below two years of age then they can sit on the lap. However, if the passengers are carrying more than two infants then a seat will have to be purchased for the second child.

In case of international travel, the child under two will be charged a percentage of the adult fare plus taxes. For domestic travel get in touch with Singapore Airline Helpline

Pet policy at Singapore Airline

The pet can travel in the passenger cabin, checked in as cargo. If one wants to carry their pet then certain terms have to be adhered to:

  • Only certain breeds of dogs and cats can travel
  • The pet must be above 6 months
  • Snub dogs are not allow
  • Breeds that are not allowed are: terriers, boxers, pugs, bulldogs, spaniels, and some more
  • Your pet should remain in the kennel for the entire flight
  • The pet should also have the required health documents

Contact Singapore Airline Helpline for charges related to the animal fee

The baggage policy of Singapore Airline Helpline

Carry on bags

Economy Class passengers can carry 1 bag

First/ business class can carry 2 bags

Maximum weight for all classes is to be 7kg

Maximum Dimension for all classes: should not go beyond 115 cm for all classes

Checked-in baggage

Passengers travelling to/from Brazil and the US

One can carry 2 bags. The maximum dimension should be : 62 linear inches/157 cm (length + width + height) . Maximum weight ( Brazil) should be 32 kg and Maximum Weight for the US should be 23 kg for Economy and 32 kg for First Class

Passengers travelling in all other destinations

The maximum weight for Economy Class is 30 kg, those for  Singapore Business Class should be 40 kg, and weight for First Class is 50 kg

In case of excess baggage and baggage fee – contact Singapore Airline Helpline 

Seats and classes at Singapore Airline Helpline

The seats and classes at Singapore Airlines vary. There is the Economy Class for those wanting to travel economically. Premium Economy is a better class which is more flexible and has better seats. Then comes the Business Class for people wanting to travel in luxury, and finally the First Class where luxury is to another extent all together!

To know more about seat assignment and up-gradation call  Singapore Airline Helpline at 1-877-391-6188

If one has any questions regarding reservations, cheap deals, flight change, flight cancellation, up-gradation, seat assignments, baggage policy and more – call Singapore Airline Helpline at 1-877-391-6188.

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