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Some unknown facts about American Airlines

American Airlines is known for having the biggest fleet and is the largest in the world!

This airline has known to have the largest fleet. This will remain so till the Delta and United Airlines decide to merge. This most probably and by looking at the market is not going to happen soon! Thus, a highly renowned airline with the largest fleet.

It is no surprise that American Airlines is the largest in the world. Apart from that it is the second-largest airline in the world in regards to the destination served. The first one is United!

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American Airlines merged with US Airways

It was in 2013, that a big announcement in the aviation industry was announced. This declared that the bankrupt US Airways was now going to operate under American Airlines.

US Airways painted aircrafts also slowly disappeared with time and by 2016 all the US Airways planes were rebranded!

American Airlines biggest competitors aren’t what you expect

One would expect major airlines like Delta and United to be the major competitors. However, this is no so. The very truth is that Spirit airlines gives the most challenge to American Airlines. This is mainly because it offers paper writers the same routes at equal or even lower prices. Sprit also provides its passengers non-stop options.

American Airlines emerged from 82 separate airlines

American Airlines as most people know was created in 1930. It was formed from getting together of 82 other airlines. Since that very moment, American Airlines has undergone many mergings. The latest one was with US Airways!

The first air lounge was owned by AA!

Today, lounges are extremely popular in airports and a way for travelers to just relax. American Airways was the first to set up a comfort zone like a lounge. They did so at New York’s LaGuardia airport. This particular lounge was named the Admirals Club.

This is one of the most astounding and impressive facts about American Airlines!

American Airlines promoted films!

In 1951 that American Airlines supported films. They did so by lending one of their aircraft to a group of producers of the film – Three Guys Named Mike. American Airlines also did advertising for the film

American Airlines hired the first-ever female pilot

The first-ever female pilot was hired by American Airlines. Her name was Bonnie Tiburzi. She was from Connecticut. She was the very first female pilot in any of the major airlines and was just 24 when she joined American Airlines.

She operated with AA for about 26 years and while her time she flew the trijet Boeing 727, the 767 and also the 757.

Today, Bonnie is said to be having a flight school in her hometown!

American Airlines is also environment-friendly and conscious of its surroundings

We are aware that airlines need a whole lot of water to operate. In order to prevent water waste, American Airlines ends up recycling water for washing planes, rinsing the tanks, and irrigation. By doing this since 2002, they have saved themselves over one million dollars

It has adopted nearly 20 different slogans!

American Airlines has adopted a variety of catchy lines which have kept changing! The first slogan was “ America’s Leading Airline” and the current one is “Going For Great”. Before these, there were plenty of others that American Airlines followed!

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