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They have an open seating system

The seating system is quite complicated, hence people either love or dislike it. Thus, If you are a first-time flyer with Southwest Airlines then you may need a boarding tutorial. Hence, Southwest airlines don’t allot seats. At the check-in point, the flight attendants divide people into five groups.

Nevertheless, after they divide into five groups – the group is called one by one. Altogether, the passengers move towards the plane and choose their own seats ( first come first serve). Thus, passengers allow opting for window, aisle, extra legroom!

Hence, even though this would imply people fighting like children over seats – it hastens the boarding process.

Nevertheless, checking in late can cost one a lot of money

Thus, travellers ask to check-in exactly 24 hours in advance to get good seats. The earlier one checks-in, they have a better chance of availing the A status. Thus, There have been complaints that checking in even one hour late can lead to passengers adopting the C status.

Thus, If one cannot check-in 24 hours in advance then they can pay up to $15 for early bird boarding. This helps them to reserve a position before the general boarding begins

One should understand the cancelled and delayed flight policies

Nevertheless, Southwest is not a very punctual airline. It provides perks like two carry on bags and extra legroom which abundantly become void if the flight cancel or even delayed. Thus, passengers should prepare for such instances. However, there is some good news! The airline does have a refund policy for these situations. But for most passengers, this is not the problem. The fact that the time that is lost is felt worse about.

On a holiday Southwest gives extra perks! Southwest Airline Number

Nevertheless, passengers greet with a free drink if they are travelling on a holiday. This does not only mean juice and other soda beverages – but alcohol and booze.

These special occasions are – New Years, Valentines Day, St Patrick’s Day, Southwest’s Birthday, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card’s birthday!

Thus, come celebrate with us on the above holidays!

Chicago is Southwest Airlines busiest hub  Southwest Airline Number

Most people that fly Southwest are in Chicago. Initially, Southwest’s only destinations were Dallas, Houston and San Antonio before 1975. Today, they fly over 100 locations across the United States. It’s mainly in Chicago that people looking for a sudden holiday fly with Southwest!

Boeing 737 is the only type of aeroplane Southwest buys

Hence, Southwest is said to be profitable 45 years in a row now. This is mainly because the company keeps costs at bay buy buying all the same and regular Boeing 737 aeroplanes. Thus, As per the customer reports and study, Southwest is top-notch in terms of customer satisfaction

Southwest has its own tragic stories  Southwest Airline Number

Hence, Many people love Southwest Airlines however, one is aware that this airline has its own tragic stories. In April 2018 the flight was downgrade when a woman halfway sucks out of the aeroplanes shatter a window. There was a video as well which showcased the police dragging a woman off a plane. This drowned the reputation of Southwest for some time!

There are chances that Southwest may drop you off to a wrong airport. A man was said to file a lawsuit against Southwest for accidentally landing the plane at the wrong airport and destination.

Thus, at the end of the day, Southwest Airlines has many stories to reveal. If one is looking for best-discounted airline deals and cheap flights with Southwest Airlines – Just give a call to Southwest Airline Number 1-877-391-6188!

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