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Before I became a mother, I was someone who loved to travel the world. Nonetheless, my idea of an ideal life was to travel the globe and never stick around in one place. Altogether, I got married and had a child. Due to this, I was bounded to one place and my sole responsibility became to look after my little kid. However, I would ideally term myself as a cool mother who has no rules and restrictions. Thus, when my eleven-year-old came and asked me that he wanted to travel alone to Abu Dhabi to meet his cousins – I said yes! This is where Etihad Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy comes into play.

Etihad Airways Helpline

Thus, I called up Etihad Airways Helpline to book best flight deals for my son. Now, Etihad Airways Helpline is the best platform when one wants to avail cheap airline deals and cheap airfare. I told them that my son ( 11 years old) wanted to go to Abu Dhabi. Hence, they asked me his age and straight away said that the Etihad Airways Unaccompanied Minor Policy would apply. Since I had never sent my child before, this was new to me. Etihad Airways Helpline guided me through the process and were very helpful!

Etihad Airways Unaccompanied  Minor Policy

Nonetheless, honestly, I was pretty relieved when I hear that my child was not allow to travel alone and undertake the minor policy. Etihad Airways Unaccompanied Minor policy states that children between five and 12 have to take a minor service as they cannot travel alone. As per the fee, it was made clear to me that children between ages of 5 and 11 years can travel with the Unaccompanied Minor Service for free, however, they must be a book on normal adult fare. Thus, I follow the entire procedure and my eleven-year-old was ready to fly alone to Abu Dhabi!

Some Requirements to undertake the Unaccompanied Minor Policy

  • These minors can travel on connecting flights operated by Etihad Airways. However, the transit time should not exceed 8 hours
  • Also, they cannot travel on itineraries involving other airlines. All the flights must operate by Etihad Airways
  • Nonetheless, Unaccompanied Minors not allow to sit in an emergency exit row and seats

My Son’s Travel Alone with the Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Hence, it was compulsory that my child check-in at least two hours before the flight was to depart. So, I made sure that all the important documents and left his with a host at the airport and change flight who was to take care of my child till the board. Thus, as per my child’s experience, the cabin crew made sure that he was safe and comfortable. He actually enjoyed his flight and was happy there was someone to guide him throughout.

Hence, as soon as he lands, one of the attendants guide him through the process. Help him get his baggage. The host also made sure that he was allow to the right person. Thus, some legal formalities were complete like checking the ID and other documents. Finally, after all the formalities, he was hand over to his cousins!

Thank You Etihad Airways

Thus, thanks to Etihad Airways Helpline for Provide Cheap Flights and Etihad Airways Minor Policy my son reach his destination safe and sound. He was pretty happy with the service and found it extremely comfortable and efficient. I will always feel safe to transport my eleven-year-old child with Etihad from now on!

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