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Have you ever felt that life was mundane, and there was absolutely no point to existing another day? Well, this is exactly how I felt a week back. I had to look for Cheap Flight Deals with United Airline Deals. When this feeling delved into me, I realized I had to go on a vacation. It didn’t matter that all my friends were occupied and had no time. I was going to travel alone! Boy, was I excited

I walked straight to my boss and asked for four days leave. His first reaction was “ It’s about time!”. Now all that was left was my destination and the flight

United Airline Deals with United Airline Helpline

My friends were pretty excited about this new adventure that I had taken upon. After much discussion, I went on United Airline Helpline and Booked Cheap Flight with United Airlines Deals. The website also made sure to convey information on flight reservation and United airline reservation.

I was going to go to New Orleans and was pretty psych about it. In fact, I was so excited that I reached the airport an hour in advance. I whiled away my time by taking a tour of the New Jersey Airport.  The boarding began right on time and I was quite impress with the punctuality.

I found my seat and was welcomed warmly by the cabin crew. Ready for the three-hour flight, I opened a book to read through my journey. When they announced that we were going to reach New Orleans, I could not contain my excitement.

New Orleans, Here I Come!

I had only a few days in my hands, and thus I had to make the most of my journey. I made a couple of local friends who advised me to explore various places!

City park

This is a beautiful park which is around 1300 acres! It also comprises of a miniature train which attracts many kids. It also contains the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Best-off Sculpture Garden, the Botanical Gardens and has many oak trees. This is a must-visit site for all tourists!

The Garden District

 Here one will come across lavish mansions and many magnolia trees! I spent one whole day here and was just stun by the beauty. Its history is also very fascinating and one should read about it if given time!

New Orleans Cemeteries

This has been a must visit for many tourists. Above all, this has called the “Cities of the Dead” for the past 100 years. It has lovely trees and an incredible architecture and buildings to look at. Visiting here was definitely a unique experience.

The food culture at New Orleans

Thanks to the cheap flights available through United Airline Helpline, I made sure to relish all the delicious food at New Orleans.


Saba is well known for contemporary Israeli food. The ambience has a warm vibe to it and I could not resist but taste the harissa roast chicken and hummus being on top with blue carb. The pita is also quite breathtaking! I made sure to sip some of their exquisite Slovenian wine.

United Airline Deals

Dookey Chase’s

This restaurant has a history behind it, and thus eating here means to also relive the history. I made sure to try their very popular red beans and shrimp Clemenceau. I could have also gobbled down the crispy fried chicken but decided to save that for another day. This is an ambiance that relives history, and the food is filling not only to the stomach but also the soul.

Thank you United Airlines!

Thanks to United Airline Helpline that I could find cheap flight deals and best deals with United Airlines in such a short period of time. My journey was rather fulfilling and I went back to work as a new person. Remember – it is very necessary to take some time away from work and live someday for just yourself.

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