Uzbekistan Airways is the national aircraft of Uzbekistan and is headquartered in Tashkent. Established in 1992, the carrier is based at Tashkent International Airport and performs booked flights to in excess of 40 urban communities of the world.

The carrier serves numerous household goals including Tashkent, Namangan, Andijan, Fergana, Samarkand, Termez, Karshi, Navoi, Bukhara, Urgench and Nukus, just as numerous global goals including Delhi, Dubai, Sharjah, Tel-Aviv, Sochi, Istanbul, Rome, Milan, Paris, London, New-York, Frankfurt, Riga, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Tyumen, Urumqi and Almaty.

Uzbekistan Airways has codeshare concurrences with Air Baltic, Air India, Czech CSA Airlines, Korean Air and Malaysia Airlines. The carrier is an individual from IATA.

Uzbekistan Airways Baggage Allowance

Lightweight Baggage

Hand baggage must not surpass the components of 56 x 45 x 25 cm, totalling 115cm. Likewise, travelers are permitted one extra close to the home thing, for instance, an umbrella, a camera, a satchel or written word for perusing during the flight.

Checked Baggage

For checked things recompenses, travelers in F class are permitted 40 kg, travelers going in C class are qualified for 30 kg and travelers in Y class are permitted 20 kg. Bits of processed gear must fit inside the elements of 158 cm when joining the length, width and stature.

Uzbekistan Airways Check-In Information

Online Check-In

The carrier doesn’t as of now offer online registration administrations.

Air terminal Check-In

Travelers going on Uzbekistan Airways must registration at the air terminal.

For travelers voyaging globally, the carrier requests that travelers land at the air terminal 3 hours before their planned flight time.

For residential travel, travelers are approached to land at the air terminal 3hours preceding takeoff if flying on the Boeing-767/757 or the A320, and 2 hours before flight time for flights going on the IL-114.