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My Trip Zurich to Paris with Swizz Airlines


There came a point in my life when I was in dire need of a vacation. Don’t get me wrong – I think my hometown Zurich is beautiful, but the idea of being away from it and exploring other countries and cities is something I look forward to.

I went to my boss – told him my plans of visiting France, and took off the next day. My boss was actually quite happy that I finally decide to take some time off.

Hello France, I’m on my way!

Swizz Airlines Helpline: On my way to Paris

I sat down on my laptop and booked an economy class ticket with Swizz Airlines. I  a thrill and it was very difficult for me to contain my excitement. My flight was the next day, and I was extremely enthused by the idea of travelling with Swizz Airlines. The flight was punctual and the cabin crew extremely warm and welcoming. I kept myself busy throughout the flight. In a matter of one in half hours I was in France!

Paris: Here I come

As soon as I landed in Paris, I could feel the difference in the air, the environment, the food, and a whole different culture altogether. I had five days in my hand I planned to make the most of it. The very first place without question that I visited was the Eiffel Tower. As far as history goes, it was built by Gustave Eiffel. It is 324 meters high and a favourite tourist spot.

The second destination on my list was Notre Dame Cathedral. It is a Roman Catholic cathedral which is located on the eastern half of the lle de la Cite. It is regarded as the best Gothic architecture in France as well as Europe. My visit here was one of the best and memorable ones!

I also decided to visit the Louvre Museum. This is view as the most visit art museums in the world! It is located at the heart of Paris and consider a Royal Palace at one time. The collection in this museum divide into eight elements. This Museum is a must-see if one decides to tour Paris!


And finally, I visited Disneyland!

This amusement park followed two themes. Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios. Most people like to see their Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and it’s a Small World. Visiting Disneyland took my entire day and I found myself immersed in my childhood all over again!

Apart from sightseeing I also explored the food and culture. The very first place I went to eat was The Beefbar Paris. The ambience was unique and could not match up to by any other place. One can find a variety of food on their menu and the taste is one of a kind. I also went to a place suggested by the locals. It calls the Giraffe. Here one not only found delicious food, but also a very rare view of the Eifel Tower. Giraffe is known for its delectable oysters. When I visited this food joint, I found it difficult to walk away from it.

One of the best places I visited to eat was Froufrou. Its

One of the best places I visited to eat was Froufrou. Its location is within intimate spots and is ideal for a pre – or after-show dinner. The food is delicious and the ambience is such that only the cream of the society knows about it.

Swizz Airlines Helpline

Back to Zurich

I have no clue how these days went by. However, my trip to Paris came to an end. Thank you Swizz Airlines for making this journey happen, and for providing me with the best and economical rates. Enthused with new life experiences, I was ready to get back to my work life with a new zeal and energy. If you suddenly plan to take off – try Swizz Airlines Helpline!


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